Culture Committee

Chair: Ilia Zalesskii

Epoch Committee

Chair: Emmi Kotilainen

Fuksi Committee

Chairs: Hanne Sauer (21-22), Rainer Ruuskanen (22-23)

Harassment Contact Person Committee

Chair: Aaron Wallasvaara

IE Committee

Chairs: Atreya Ray, Long Nguyen

IT Committee

Chair: Hanne Sauer


IE committee

Chairs: Alena Shchevyeva and Joonatan Partanen

Have you always wanted to make it in the international hospitality business? Then the Data Guild IE committee is just the thing for you. With us, you will get to organize sitsit, excursions, and whatever else you want, as long as the guild members are kept full and hydrated. You might even get the chance to go overseas for refreshments procurement. To join, you should be of age and interested in making memorable events happen. The title of a member of the committee is Site Reliability Engineer (SRE). 

Epoch committee

Chair: Emmi Kotilainen

Epoch is the annual celebration of the Guild. Data Guild is turning two years this year and that is something that must be celebrated appropriately. We are not yet quite sure what is possible with the current situation of the world, but we are hopeful that once the time is right, Epoch will happen. Join the committee to plan the celebration of your dreams!

Fuksi committee

Chair: Hanne Sauer

The Fuksi Committee organizes events for the fuksis of Data Guild, together with others, to familiarize them with the guild, Teekkari Culture and student life at Aalto.

Corporate relations committee

Chair: Rajat Kaul

Why do we choose to go to university? For some people, the answer is gaining the skills to acquire a nice, high-paying job in the future. For others, the answer is to enjoy independence and university life.

The Corporate Relations Committee helps with both!

We aim to create strong bonds between our guild and companies that are looking for Data Science talent, while at the same time, raising funds for guild events through sponsorships and collaborations.

Join us if you want to make a positive impact across the guild, and raise our guild to greater heights!

Entertainment committee

Chair: Bruce Nguyen

Why depend on others just to have some fun? Join us and create the activities you dream of. The Entertainment Committee, unsurprisingly, plans all sorts of entertainment for the Data Guild. Since the foundation of the committee, we have been mainly operating on the online domain with online gaming and board game events. Despite the current situation, we believe that fun can always be achieved with some creativity and imagination. We will always look forward and upward, coming up with the best entertainment solutions for Dataguild while making the best of what we are given. However, we need Your help to achieve this. What do you think?

Entertainment Committee – creating amazing experience since 2020.