Board, Officials & Committees


The board of Data Guild oversees all the activities of the guild. You can reach the whole board by emailing

Chair Daniel Clegg

Vice Chair & Treasurer Lassi Malvikko

Secretary Fathima Afrooz

Publicist Selin Taskin

Master of Corporate Relations Tony Heinola

Study Affairs Coordinator Bach Pham

Fuksi Captain Pranava Varshan

Isäntä Ojaswi Tyagi

Emäntä Rajat Kaul

Master of Culture Christian Guidikov

Board Godparent Merlin Sauer


Guild Room Manager Rainer Ruuskanen

Tutor Coordinator Christian Guidikov

Head of IT Irmuun Tuguldur

Epoch Committee Chair Rajat Kaul

Main Harassment Contact Person (HCP) Aaron Wallasvaara

Head Song Master Pranava Varshan

TEK Contact Person Eero Liimatainen

Head of Study Marketing Lassi Malvikko


Corporate Relations Committee Tony Heinola (Chair), Rajat Kaul, Toivo Palmén, Harsh Rathee, Pranava Varshan

Culture Committee Christian Guidikov (Chair), Tony Heinola, Rajat Kaul, Nina Lindqvist, Merlin Sauer, Marius Sclearuc, Christian Guidikov, Pranava Varshan

Epoch Committee Rajat Kaul (Chair), Tony Heinola, Satu Koitto, Nina Lindqvist, Lassi Malvikko, Toivo Palmén, Rainer Ruuskanen, Marius Sclearuc, Aiswarya Sudhir, Ojaswi Tyagi, Aaron Wallasvaara

Fuksi Committee Pranava Varshan (Chair), Rainer Ruuskanen (Fuksi Captain ’22), Christian Guidikov, Meri Henell, Rajat Kaul, Satu Koitto, Nina Lindqvist, Lassi Malvikko, Rainer Ruuskanen, Merlin Sauer, Aiswarya Sudhir

Guild Room Committee Rainer Ruuskanen (Chair)

Harassment Contact Person Committee Aaron Wallasvaara (Chair), Christian Guidikov, Lassi Malvikko, Merlin Sauer, Pranava Varshan

IE Committee Ojaswi Tyagi (Isäntä), Rajat Kaul (Emäntä), Egor Eremin, Rajat Kaul, Satu Koitto, Lassi Malvikko, Toivo Palmén, Rainer Ruuskanen, Merlin Sauer, Aiswarya Sudhir, Pranava Varshan

IT Committee Irmuun Tuguldur (Chair), Egor Eremin, Christian Guidikov, Rajat Kaul, Nina Lindqvist, Lassi Malvikko, Harsh Rathee, Merlin Sauer

Song Master Committee Pranava Varshan (Chair), Tony Heinola, Rajat Kaul, Ann-Marie Korhonen-Chamorro, Nina Lindqvist, Merlin Sauer, Aaron Wallasvaara

Study Marketing Committee Lassi Malvikko (Chair), Toivo Palmén, Harsh Rathee, Rainer Ruuskanen


Archive of old boards, officials and committees can be found here.

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