Code of Conduct

Data Guild Code of Conduct

This is the official Code of Conduct of Data Guild ry. The last update was on March 30th, 2023.

1 The DG Code of Conduct in Short

For the complete and official description of the DG Code of Conduct with practical examples given for each part, see the following sections 3-6.


Data Guild’s Code of Conduct is a document that lists jointly agreed upon guidelines for the type of behavior that is expected of people involved in the guild’s activities. In conflict cases, the Code of Conduct can be interpreted to examine whether these guidelines have been followed/broken.


Most important is to act appropriately and respectfully, taking into account others’ boundaries, and being understanding of the differing needs people have. Mistakes happen, and no one is expected to be perfect all the time. If someone behaves in a non-inclusive way, the Harassment Contact People of the guild are happy to help them learn to be better and improve for next time. We are all on a learning journey together!

In case you encounter harassment or other inappropriate behavior, find a Harassment Contact Person to help out with mediating the situation. These conflicts are always primarily attempted to be solved in a civil matter, but in the worst case, breaking the guidelines of the Code of Conduct can lead to a warning or getting kicked out of the event in question; with repeated violations, the board can decide to suspend the violator’s right to attend DG events for the decided duration.


This Code of Conduct applies at any physical or digital space, event or happening associated with Data Guild (e.g., DG organized events, the DG guild room, DG Telegram chats).


In a diverse community, people can have differing opinions on appropriate behavior in different contexts. Having an agreed upon set of guidelines for the allowed/disallowed behavior at Data Guild makes it easier to know how you’re expected to act at any given time.

2 Introduction

This section is not intended as an official part of the Code of Conduct, but rather goes over the motivation for the existence of the document, and some general thoughts regarding the communication of boundaries. The section includes some level of nonspecificity to it, and should thus be interpreted simply as a description of the overarching writing philosophy behind the creation of the Code of Conduct.

2.1 The purpose of a Code of Conduct

2.2 A note on consent, boundaries, misunderstandings, and responsibility

3 Applicability

This Code of Conduct (as described in sections 4, 5 and 6) applies to all DG members and employees, attendees at DG events, partners of DG and all people who hold a position of trust at DG or an association operating under DG. The guidelines of this Code of Conduct should be followed in interactions of all kinds between members of the community in all events, happenings and spaces associated with DG, whether physical or virtual.

Applicable situations include, but are not restricted to, the following:

  • organizing or participating in events or happenings associated with Data Guild or organized by DG’s committees, for example the IE or Culture committees
  • representing Data Guild at an event or happening
  • conversing in group chats, social media or other online spaces associated with or administrated by Data Guild
  • spending time at the DG guild room.

4 The Data Guild Code of Conduct

4.1 Multiculturalism and Ethnicity

4.2 Language

4.3 Gender

4.4 Sexuality

4.5 Accessibility and Disability

4.6 Age

4.7 Socio-Economic Background and Status

4.8 Political Alignment

4.9 Alcohol and Intoxication

4.10 Privacy

5 Conflict Mediation and Reporting

In the case of a witnessed Code of Conduct violation (or other inappropriate behavior/some other conflict) taking place, guild members may acquire the help of an impartial Harassment Contact Person of Data Guild to help mediate resolving such conflicts. Each DG event should have at least one HCP present and ready to take on such cases; alternatively, one can contact the current Main HCP. Whether one was involved in the conflict witnessed or not, they may optionally contact an HCP through the anonymous HCP contact form.­­

Conflicts reported to Harassment Contact People for mediation will be kept strictly anonymous: only in the case that further action due to a considerable Code of Conduct infringement takes place might anonymity be broken, as described in section 6.

6 Infringements of the Code of Conduct

6.1 General handling of Code of Conduct violations

6.2 Repercussions of Code of Conduct violations

6.3 Collecting information of Code of Conduct violators

7 Acknowledgements

  • This document was written as a joint effort between multiple members of Data Guild, and will be improved by many more.
  • The Code of Conducts of KY and Aaltoes have been helpful as templates in writing ours.
  • Fon Krairiksh (the former equity officer of AYY) has been an immense help in promoting equality and inclusivity work at Aalto University: their Code of Conduct workshop made writing ours possible.


If you have questions about the Code of Conduct or you want to bring up a violation of the Code of Conduct, you can contact the Main Harassment Contact Person or any other HCP or use the anonymous HCP contact form.

Katsuya Kurosawa, Main Harassment Contact Person
Telegram: @KatsuZo

Anonymous HCP contact form
You can find the form here.