DG Weekly News 12/2022

Exams are up ahead – join the Pre(xam) Party on Saturday for some last minute studying! – and Wappu is only a few weeks away. Lots of events are coming up in April!

0. Calendar

  • 9.4.: Pre(xam) Party
  • 13.4.: Student Mental Health Day
  • 21.4.: Aalto Open Air
  • 23.4.: Color Carnival
  • 29.4.: Tour de Walpuri

1. Guild

Pre(xam) Party

According to Data Guild customs 📜 the IE committee is planning on hosting the Pre(xam) Party 📚 yet again on 09.04 🥳. We would love to know if you plan to come.

In this event you have a chance to get together with your friends and study for your exams. Bring your notes 🗒, share your pre-exam struggles 📉, give advice and get advice 💡, and, of course, don’t forget to chill out afterwards 🧃with your mates!

WHAT: Pre(xam) party
WHEN: 09.04.2022
->14:00 for those willing to study first
->18:00 for those willing to chill only
WHERE: Living room of teekkari village, JMT 5A
WHY: 4 hours of Math – do you really need another reason?

2. AYY and Aalto

Buns and cotton candy at Alvari square on Student Mental Health Day 13.4.

The students’ mental health day is celebrated on 13th of April, and in honor of this, AYY’s community division Aava serves students free buns to brighten up their day. So come greet us on Alvar Square on Wednesday 13th of April at 12-16:30 after an exam, school or work day ❤

Registration as Julkku seller is open!

Wappu is getting closer, and so is the sales of wappu magazine Julkku! You are invited to spread the wappu spirit, and the most easiest way to do that is registering as Julkku seller. The registration opens 6.4. at 12:00, and all new Julkku sellers will get a stunning sundae from A Bloc. We’ll be there from 12:00 to 15:00 – come greet us and discuss about the Julkku sales! 🍦🏖

Selling Julkku is one of the highlights of Wappu, for both freshers and older students. It’s a good deal: the sellers get pocket money, as well as fun Wappu experiences, delicacies and refreshments from Julkku’s sales center. We also have limited batch of cool merch only for the sellers – T-shirts, overall badges and backpacks. 🧃👔

Don’t wait too long with your regisration, since we have the traditional 50 hours competition. The associations who have taken in the first 50 hours, will get to choose from astounding prizes. The options are 300 doughnuts, 30 bottles of bubbly or 300 eur support money for wappu purchases. 

Check out diilikone.julkku.fi – you’ll find all the necessary information concerning Julkku sales and the registration, when it opens 6.4. at 12:00! 😎

Sitsi competition 16.4.

The sun is shining and the traditional Sitsi competition is coming again in the run-up to Wappu to delight the people of Otaniemi! So gather your crew, come up with a fun theme, pack your catering and your chairs and tables and come to Alvar Square on Saturday 16.4. at 13!

More information and registration link: https://fb.me/e/4Cbz7AQSk 

What: Sitsi competition 2021!

Where: Alvarin aukio

When: 16.4. at 13.00 ->, Afterparty OK20 at 18->

Costs: Nothing!

Color Carnival

Teekkarius 150 Event Committee will fill the air with the colors of Wappu on the 23rd of April! Color Carnival’s center of attention is a fun-filled color obstacle course, where the bravest can compete in teams to complete the course surrounded in colored powder. Assemble your team of 2-8 people to compete!

Ticket sale is open from April 5th at to April 12th in kide.app. https://kide.app/events/9e5e97cc-33ca-4713-ba43-42f21cb6e6fe

Note! Each team member must purchase the ticket and state their team in kide.app.

There will also be all sorts of fun and colorful activities for competitors and spectators around the area of the competition course, where anyone is welcome free of charge! This Carnival area is centered on Alvarin aukio, and you can find games and other festivities, snacks, face painting and Wappu-filled atmosphere and company! The Carnival opens at Alvari at 12 and the competition will begin at 13. 

Guilds, associations and other clubs are very welcome to join the event with their own booths! If you are interested in doing so, please fill out this form: https://forms.office.com/r/6ZAKravhBy

FB: https://fb.me/e/1tYRFPhVT

Invitation to hold a checkpoint at Tour de Walpuri

Teekkari Culture committee invites you to help with finding of the lost Wappu.

Tour de Walpuri arrives once again in its true glory to shock, inspire and unite the people of Otaniemi and all Aalto-minded people on the 29th of April. During the evening, the entire Teekkari Village will be taken over by the most massive checkpoint tour of the Walpuri era without comparison.

Tour de Walpuri is a unique opportunity to hold a banger checkpoint for both aspiring Teekkaris and more experienced students. So sign up your association, club or group of friends to take part and celebrate Wappu with the whole community!

To register, click the link below and register by 22.4. In addition to the participants, checkpoint organizers will be competing against each other, as the best checkpoint in the event will be chosen and the winners will receive great prizes.

WHAT: Tour de Walpuri
WHERE: Otaniemi Night
WHEN: 29.4. from 20:00 onwards
WHY: Because Wappu is only once a year

Dipolin Wappu

Wappu has been declared and so will Dipoli’s Wappu as well! Wappu celebrations come to their climax as Dipolin Wappu gathers all of Otaniemi together to press their caps on their heads on the 30th of April. This is a party you don’t want to miss!

Stay tuned, there’s more to come! Join Dipoli’s Wappu Telegram channel and follow us on Instagram.

The voluntary work registration begins on 8.4. at 12:00. The form: https://lomake.ayy.fi/jtmk/dipolinwappu-tyontekijat/

The Wappumieli Campaign

The Fuksi Committee and International Committee of Aalto University have launched a Wappumieli (Finnish for wappu spirit) fundraising campaign together with Mieli Mental Health Finland Organization. The donations are directed to the Sekasin-chat hosted by the Mieli organization. The Sekasin-chat offers low-threshold mental health consulting and help for young adults. Currently, there are more chat requests than the personnel can reply to. After the campaign, we hope that more requests for help can be replied to.

Donate to this charity and be a part of spreading the joyous wappu spirit!💚


Aalto Cocktail Workshop: Prohibition

Hello cocktail people!

Aalto Cocktail’s deliciously popular cocktail workshop is here again! You’ll get to learn how to craft classic drinks from the prohibition era, hand-picked and taught by our experienced masters of cocktails.

Price is 15 € and it includes all needed material for the training as well as access to the knowledge of our top cocktail specialists!
IN SHORT: WHAT: Cocktail Workshop: Prohibition
WHERE: 100 Monkeys (Jämeräntaival 11 G)
WHEN: 19.4. at 18:00
PRICE: 15€
TICKETS: https://holvi.com/…/produ…/5e942d78f2a6b5945b8e2e18985ef338/
Check out the Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/666642601246760/
Hope to see many of you there!

Teekkaripurjehtijat: Join our sailing courses!

Teekkaripurjehtijat (TRIP) organizes practical sailing courses authorised by the Finnish association of sailing instructors, Purjehduksenopettajat ry (Pory). The possibility of arranging English-speaking courses depends on the number of interested participants and the availability of teachers. You can sign up either for the elementary level Sailing Crew Course or for the Inshore Skipper Course whereby you concentrate on route planning, navigation, skippering and safety and emergency procedures.

What: Sailing courses with authorized teachers

When: More info on our website https://trip.ayy.fi

Price: 225€ (students) / 390€ (graduated). The course is only for members of Teekkaripurjehtijat ry.

The registration will be opened on 15.4. The registration and more information can be found on our website.

AYY goes AATU 

AYY’s Community Section Aava sells tickets for the AATU riverside pub crawl, including a party bus to Turku and back on Thursday, 5 May! 

Buses will leave on Thursday, 5 May, at 11am from Otaniemi and come back from Turku at night at 2.30am (Friday). Tickets cost EUR 35, including a return ticket to Turku and a ticket to the pub crawl. The afterparties will take place at Apollo and Armas, featuring Portion Boys. 

Unlike the previous information, the sale of tickets including the pub crawl and transport will start on Tuesday, 5 Apr, at 11 in Kideapp (https://kide.app/events/df5c9205-8a7f-4ccb-bd93-e4f2356faf2f). There is a limited number of tickets, so be fast! 

More information on the event can be found on its website: https://aatu.fi/. Come and enjoy Turku in the spring with your friends! 

WHAT: AATU riverside pub crawl with transport
WHEN: Thursday, 5 May
WHERE: Turku
WHY: Turku in the spring and party buses! 

Performers needed for Aalto Open Air

Hey, you artist/band/performer from Aalto!

Is it your wish to perform on stage for the entire crowd of Otaniemi and to evoke a happy Wappu atmosphere in students? Apply to perform at Aalto Open Air on April 21! This is your chance to gain visibility among students and to have fun on stage!

Use this form to indicate your interest to perform.

Teekkarispeksi 2022: SIGNAL – Shows in April!

Teekkarispeksi brings you a full night’s spectacle of student musical theater with a hint of improvisation. This year, Teekkarispeksi 2022 jumps aboard a spaceship – straight into the world of scifi. Check out the trailer! https://youtu.be/bZtRPAuJvHo
The space research station goes through exciting times as the new machine designed by the famous scientist Reine Haan picks up an unexpected signal. Where does the signal originate from and what is it trying to tell us?
Check out our show dates in April, and get your tickets now at https://teekkarispeksi.fi/ ! (Show is in Finnish).
Follow Teekkarispeksi: IG , FB

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