DG Weekly News 14/2022

Only nine days until Wappu!

0. Calendar

  • 23.4.: (Pre-Wappu) Asian Sitsit
  • 23.4.: Color Carnival
  • 29.4.: Tour de Walpuri
  • 30.4.: Dipolin Wappu
  • 16.5.: Tour de Terde

1. Guild

(Pre-Wappu) Asian Sitsit

Is tomorrow! Hype!

2. AYY

New AYY Telegram Channels

AYY expands its communications to Telegram! Join channels AYY info and AYY events to stay up to date with events and current issues in your student union.

Color Carnival

Woopwoop, the carnival is this Saturday! 🌈

Allthough the color obstacle course tickets sold out quickly, there will be a lot of activities on Alvari square besides following the exciting competition! The area will have carnival games, salty and sweet snacks, overall badge sales and a chance to do a bungee jump 🤯! The carnival area is open to all for free 🔥See you next Saturday in this very colorful Wappu celebration 🥳

P.S. Remember to come and get your sticker to the Teekkari Point Card! 🎈

Where: Alvari Square
When: This Saturday 23.4. at 12-18 o’clock
Why: Wappu and Teekkarius 150
Costs: FREE!

Wappu Singing Sauna

Do you yearn to sing during Wappu? Can you feel the awakening of Wappu’s spirit? Does it feel like Wappu-sitsis didn’t satisfy the need to sing? If you answered yes to any of the questions up above, The Songleader Committee is here to offer salvation. Join us in the Wappu-spirit-lifting Singing Sauna in Rantasauna on 26th of April at 6 pm. The evening is filled with songs, sauna, karaoke and a chilled atmosphere. There’s even refreshments available for cash! Admission to the event is free and open for the whole Aalto community. The hot tub is warm and the grill hot for the entire evening! The grill is in public use, so bring your own food and start the grilling season! Grab your friends, food, towels, and head towards the most song filled event of Wappu!

What: Wappu-spirited Singing Sauna
Where: Rantasauna, Otaniemi
When: Tuesday 26.4. at 6 pm
What it costs: free! Why: Singing and Wappu!

FB: https://fb.me/e/1puCixmKn

PS. You can easily make it to the event after the Polytechnic choir’s Hura Hurraa Hoi -concert. That event can be found from this address: https://facebook.com/events/s/hura-hurraa-hoi-teekkarilauluk/995812407716760/

Tour de Walpuri

Tour de Walpuri arrives once again in all its true glory to shock, inspire and unite the whole Otaniemi nation and all Aalto-minded people on the 29th of April. During the evening, the entire Teekkari Village will be taken over by the most massive checkpoint tour of the Walpuri era without comparison. So make sure you haven’t mistakenly come up with anything else to do on 29.4.

The tour starts at 8pm after the Yöjäynä kick-off and lasts until late into the night. If you still have some juice left after the tour, you can continue the evening with the Wappu Festival organized by AaltoDJ and Pelmu.

Registration is not needed, just show up. The tour will happen in teams of 4–10 people. Checkpoint maps will be distributed around Otaniemi on the day of the event. The best teams will be rewarded with great prizes at the Declaration of Wappu rowdiness at Smökki on Wappu Eve. The best checkpoint will also receive free use of one of AYY’s one-off saunas for one night in the summer or autumn of the current year.

What: Tour de Walpuri
Where: Otaniemi Night
When: 29.4. from 20:00
Why: Because Wappu is only once a year

FB: https://fb.me/e/1H74iR5Pr

If you would like to be a checkpoint organizer, you can sign up via this link by 22.4.
Everyone is welcome to organize a checkpoint.

Dipolis Wappu

Dipolis Wappu is coming! This is a party you don’t want to miss! 🤩🤩 Join the info channel and follow us on instagra so you won’t miss out on the latest information:

Telegram: https://t.me/dipolinwappu
Instagram: @dipolinwappu

The link to the kideapp will be published on the telegram info channel! Last chance to buy a ticket is today 22.4. Undergraduate center 16:00-19:00

Tickets are also divided over the four days so they won’t all end on the first day!

You can buy 3 tickets per buyer at the Undergraduate center and 1 ticket per buyer online.

The ticket costs 15€ + overall badge 2€

You can pay with MobilePay or by card

So put on your pants and get tickets to the best party of the year!

Tour de Terde

What is a better way to start the summer than a terrace crawl? This traditional Finnish activity is now possible with a student-friendly budget at the Tour de Terde crawl 16.5.!
The bars and cafés of Helsinki city centre are serving the hungry and thirsty students both for lunch and after work purposes, since the starting times vary between 14 and 19 pm. When the crawl ends, a mystery artist will entertain the audience at Kaivohuone!


What would Wappu be without Wappufestarit?

The student festival held in every Spring, Wappufestarit, is here again. The event is held on Friday the 29th of April, from 9 pm. onwards. The event is 100% free, and act as the official afterparty of Tour De Walpuri. The evening’s entertainment is brought to you by PELMU and Aalto DJ who ensure the feel is nothing but the best. So get your friends, and head to Smökki on the 29th to the most off-the-hook party of the evening! Check it out here: https://fb.me/e/2F4qjloPF 

What: Wappufestarit
When: Friday 29th of April from 9 pm. to 2:30 am.
Where: Smökki, Jämeräntaival 4
Why: because what would Wappu be without Wappufestarit?

NESU-KY: Wappu-terrace

The best festival of the year, Wappu, is just around the corner. NESU-KY’s legendary Wappu-terrace is for sure the best way to start celebrating your May Day eve!
Wappu-terrace includes live performances and other activities by various organizers as well as some food and drinks.
The event itself is free and open for everyone! However, you might want to bring a small amount of cash with you, as buying an overall badge gives you free access to all the delicious snacks served at the event. 
What: Wappu-terrace
Where: The parking lot behind Saha (Konemiehentie 1)
When: Saturday 30.4 from 11 am to 3 pm
Dresscode: Wappu
Price: Free!
Link to the FB event

Aalto Cocktail Workshop: Wappu Brunch

Wappu and cocktails – what more could you ask for? Aalto Cocktail will celebrate Wappu with a brunch themed workshop full of tasty cocktails! Our wonderful mixologists will guide you to experience the spirit of Wappu through carefully selected and prepared menu of festive cocktails and brunchy snacks for the occasion! Don’t miss this opportunity to get ready for Wappu with some nice and colorful cocktails!! IN SHORT:
WHAT: Cocktail Workshop: Wappu Brunch
WHERE: 100 Monkeys (Jämeräntaival 11 G)
WHEN: 28.4. at 18:00
PRICE: 15€
TICKETS: https://holvi.com/shop/AaltoCocktail/product/63c18e8ca63e2672bb6ece2b421e4a23/ Check ou the event on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1152701571967691
Hope to see many of you there!

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