DG Weekly News 15/2022

Wappu is here!

0. Calendar

  • 29.4.: Fuksispeksit and Tour de Walpuri
  • 7.5.: Village Cleanup

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2. AYY

The Fuksispeksis of the 2022 Fuksipeijaiset

In the Fuksispeksis the teams of Fuksipeijaiset perform spectacles that they have created themselves as a part of the 2022 Fuksipeijaiset. Fuksispeksis are each more inventive performances than the others which the freshmen have prepared not for only their own, but for the whole community’s joy and glee. Come with your friends and enjoy the ingenious performances of the young and bold! Remember to keep your spirits high but don’t take them with you in a bottle – bringing your own alcoholic beverages to the University’s premises is strictly forbidden.

The Fuksispeksis are held in Dipoli in the Kaleva Hall on Friday 29th of April at 4:00 PM. The doors of Kaleva Hall will be open for audience at 3:30 PM. Let laughter and shouts of Omstart! echo in the hallways of Dipoli. Let there be cheer and goodwill from the crowd towards all performers.

For the half-time show, we have an unbelievable show by Teekkarispeksi!

Arrive to Dipoli and bring with you your excellent sense of humour, a couple of well timed Omstart! shouts and a large portion of freshman mindness and prepare to enjoy the product of the minds, creativity and hard work of the fuksis.

There is also going to be a live stream of the whole event in here: https://youtu.be/WLlVVuzb-X0

After the fuksispeksis the beginning of Yöjäynä takes place in Alvar’s square at 20:00 sending each team to their nocturnal adventure.

Please notice that the event is mainly in finnish.

Tour de Walpuri

Checkpoint maps and overalls badges can be picked up after 18:00 in front of Jämeräntaival 3 and Alvarin aukio. The point on Alvarin aukio will be closed at about 10 pm. Checkpoint maps and overalls badges will be available from JMT throughout the night.

Registration for the event is not required, it is enough to show up. The most fit size for the groups is 4-10 people, but don’t let this limit yourself too much.

Checkpoints open at 20:00 and are open until 01:00. Checkpoint maps can be returned to Jämeräntaival 3 or Smökki between 23:30 and 01:30. You should continue the evening in Smökki, where Wappu Festival organized by AaltoDJ and Pelmu will act as an afterparty for Tour de Walpuri.

The best teams will be rewarded the next day at the Declaration of Wappu rowdiness.

Village Cleanup

The Village Cleanup is coming again! It is time to clean the rubbish of Wapputime and other “ready-soon” -projects from the yards.

There will be snacks and drinks for cleaners and an afterparty with a sauna and hot tub so you can clean yourself from the filth of hard work. There’s also cleaning equipment and gloves that cleaners can borrow.

And that’s not all! You can collect hours for your guild/association/nation! With these hours, you can get super cool Campus Section medals, and in addition, the winner guild gets a free rent of an AYY facility. 

WHAT? The Village cleanup
WHERE? In Teekkari village and Miestentie (the afterparty at Rantasauna)
WHEN? On Saturday 7th of May at 12-6 PM, the afterparty 6 PM→

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