DG Weekly News 16/2022

Spring is here, Wappu has passed, go outside and eat some food.

0. Calendar

  • 7.5.: Village Cleanup
  • 15.5.: A!-Pelit

1. Guild

Call to join IT committee

As the IT responsible of Data Guild is now free of their responsibility as Fuksi Captain, they have time to start working on building Data Guild’s brand new website! (don’t get to excited just yet, who knows when it will be done) If you want to join in designing and building this website and contribute to other exciting future IT projects, join the newly formed IT committee here! Contact @hannevihainen for any questions.

2. AYY and Aalto

A!-Pelit are coming again!

How does it feel to become a hero in your college and celebrate the A!-Pelit Championship on a spring Sunday? How does it feel to have a sauna with a relentless championship trophy at championship party?

You can take these dreams one step closer by applying for A!-Pelit at your college on Sunday 15 May. 12-19 (More detailed match schedule will be announced later). This year’s sports are ultimate, elephant ball, croquet, mölkky, chess and rope pulling. When registering, tell us which species you want to represent. Basically, the whole team participates in the Ultimate and the rope pulling, but the players are divided into either elephant ball, croquet, mölkky or chess.

Registration opens 3.5. tuesday at 12:00 A.M. from this link https://ilmo.fyysikkokilta.fi/event/312

AYY’s Annual Ball sitsit

It is time to celebrate the 12-year-old Aalto, and AYY, AAVA and KUVA offer you a great opportunity to do so by organizing an Annual Celebration week sitsit open for all Aalto students on Tuesday, May 17th, at Smökki. Whether you are a freshman or an older student, get dressed in the best and come and have a toast for the whole Aalto community! 🥂🎉

More info in FB event: https://fb.me/e/1sFVX5Psz Ticket sale starts in Kide.app on Friday, May 6th: https://kide.app/events/7bf0a542-c817-422a-9b17-37bd00d7882e

4. Other

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