DG Weekly News 19/2022

Aaand we’re back. For another week. Turns out there are still things happening after all. Most notably the Cat Cafe trip on Tuesday 7.6., organized by Data Guild’s Culture Committee!

0. Calendar

  • 4.6.2022: Aalto Block Party
  • 7.6..2022: Cat Cafe!!
  • 2.9.2022: Enrollment for the Academic Year 2022-2023 ends

1. Guild

DGCC Cat Cafe

Won’t you look at that, another academic year has passed: whether you completed 2 or 200 credits, you’ve earned some time to rest! ☀️

And what better way to chill than with soft, fuzzy, adorable…coffee? 🤔 Wait, hold on, we meant warm, earthy, tasty…cats? 🤨 No, that can’t be it – maybe we need a break, too!

Join DGCC for our last event before summer break on a Cat Cafe trip! 🐈‍⬛️☕️💖

We have reserved an hour of time for tired students to cuddle with eight adorable cats at Kissakahvila Helkatti on Tue 7th of June, starting at 19:00 🐱✨ We will be meeting at Abloc a bit earlier to travel to the cafe together, but you’re also welcome to arrive by yourself within the hour at Fredrikinkatu 55, Helsinki! The trip has a fee of 6€/participant.

Signup is now open at @DataGuildEventBot – the cats can’t wait to see you there! 🐈🥰

2. AYY and Aalto

Aalto Block Party

4.6. 14:00-> the red block shaped madness is goin down! 🔥

Aalto Block Party is a community driven event where anyone can be the organizer and guest. Bring your activity, picnic or at least yourself to Ossinlampi grass fields and enjoy the athmosphere!

At least:
🎸 3 live punk bands playing
🎤 rap collective
🎚🎛 Very electronic music
🛹 Skateboarding session or three
🧑‍🎨 Painting
🏀 Basketball
🍺 🏓Beer pong
🌭 Food
💇‍♀ Professional hair cutting
🧖‍♂🧖‍♀ Saunas!

🅰❓❓…the rest is up to you!

If you are interested in helping, setting up even small activity or just enjoy the hype join our telegram:

4.6. We’ll find out how Otaniemi block is doing and how does our Aalto culture look like!


Puoli yhdeksän uutiset https://open.spotify.com/artist/3DlF59hFCI7JKRpyGgcdX8

Radioactive pineapple https://open.spotify.com/artist/1Crptcv8dKKDNNfIWZLj7s

(Niin ug ettei löydy internetistä)

Applications for the Silta program are open now

Silta is a program initiated by Aaltoes. The program takes Finnish early-stage startup founders to Silicon Valley for three months to learn about the Bay Area culture of getting things done, and to immerse themselves into the ecosystem and the local community. The objective of the program is to enable the participating founders to build up their competence to thrive in the global competition. The program will be held in the fall from September to November.

We’d appreciate it if you could share the following text for your community in your internal channels (Telegram, newsletter, etc.). Additionally, if you want to share the text with a picture, please find three optional ones with different aspect ratios attached.

Silta – leveling up founders since 2022.

Silta is a program that takes promising founders from Finland to Silicon Valley to live at a startup hacker house for three months. Silta enables the founders to develop their company as well as their vision in the state-of-the-art entrepreneurship scene of the Silicon Valley area.

The program will happen physically in the San Francisco Bay Area between September – November 2022.

Read more and apply by June 17th at http://siltahouse.com/

Recruiting volunteers for ISIT

Join 1000 researchers and professionals in Otaniemi from June 26 to July 1 at the flagship conference dedicated to the advancement of information theory and related areas!

  • Gain hands-on practical experience in organizing international events
  • Expand your social and professional networks within Aalto and beyond
  • Enjoy free meals
  • Have simply unforgettable summer days!
  • Possibility to earn 2 ECTS for Aalto student

Visit https://www.isit2022.org for more info about the conference!


We are looking to engage volunteers to IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory (ISIT) 2022, taking place on campus from Sunday 26.6. (tutorials, welcome reception) to Friday 1.7. The cornerstones of a successful event include, in addition to a good scientific programme, smoothly running practical arrangements. Conference Assistants play a significant role in making the arrangements run smoothly and in providing good customer service at the event site. The Assistant represents not only the conference organizer but is also a part of the picture that the participants get on Finland and the conference venue during the conference.

Assistant’s tasks

  • Registration and Information desk
  • Audience and Speaker assistant
  • Exhibition and Poster assistant

What is expected of an Assistant

  • Outgoing personality
  • Friendliness
  • Helpfulness
  • Good skills in spoken English
  • A smile!

The most important thing we need from volunteers is to sit in a session room and make sure everything works (talk pdfs are uploaded before session start, projector is on and works, computer is logged in and works, microphones are charged and work; you will get a briefing to all of this in advance of course). We will try to allocate you to sessions that are of some interest to you. Tentative program structure attached.

Please let us know if you can commit to one or more of the options A-D below and if you have certain days that are impossible:

A) I can volunteer for the whole event Monday-Friday, being available during 8-18  (as agreed on, nobody has to work for 50 hours don’t worry!)

B) I can volunteer max half the day every day Mon-Fri (e.g., before lunch / after lunch)

C) I can volunteer for evening event help on Sunday and/or Tuesday and/or Thursday (mention which eve(s))

D) I can volunteer for the whole Sunday (nb: this is the midsummer weekend)

While this is of course quite some work, it is also hopefully going to be a nice and useful experience and a good line in the CV! Speakers include Nobelist Bengt Holmström, Shannon Award winner Raymond Yeung, and Michael Jordan (not the basketball player, but the Machine Learning Guru!). More info here: https://www.isit2022.org/program/plenary-sessions/

Please let Themistoklis Charalambous (themistoklis.charalambous@aalto.fi) and/or Tavicon (isit2022@tavicon.fi) know by the end of next week if and how you could help! For volunteers, we can hopefully offer at least lunches, and for those who help a lot also the banquet dinner on Thursday. If you are interested in some tutorials, we can try to arrange that too.

For Aalto students, it is also possible to get 2 credits by volunteering.