DG Weekly News 25/2022

Exam week is drawing near, and so is Data Guild’s traditional Prexam party! After the exams, yet another DG event awaits you: The amazing Indian Sitsit! Other things are also happening.

0. Calendar

  • 15.10.: Prexam party
  • 20.10.: Alvarin Appro
  • 22.10.: Indian sitsit
  • 25.10.: Polin Appro
  • 27.10.: Aalto Amazing Race
  • 16.11.: Songwriting contest sitsit
  • 27.-29.11.: Otacruise

1. Guild

Prexam party

Stressed about exams?
Don’t feel like studying alone?

Then come to DG’s traditional Prexam party😎🔥🔥

The program for the event is to study together for the upcoming exam week. Those who study together suffer together and what does not kill you makes you stronger😤

After studying the next part of the event is playing a bunch of board games together 🙂 work hard play hard🤘✊
There will be snacks and soda at the event.

Note to this year’s fuksis: this event is on the point card.

We will see you there😎👀😎

Where: JMT 5A living room
When: 15.10 studying starts at 13:00 board games start at 17:00
Price: Free
Why: For the sake of your exams ofc

Indian Sitsit

It’s time for the second sitsit of the year 🎉

On the occasion of Diwali (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diwali) (Festival of lights), let’s get together and celebrate the triumph of good over evil (even if they are just your inner demons 😈). Experience Indian Culture through scrumptuous food and drinks on October 22 🇮🇳 🏏🪷🍯. Mark the day in your calendars for one of the most interesting nights of this year 🙌🏻🙌🏻

2. Events

Songmaster seminar bingo edition


This is something that you’ll certainly hear at these sitsit and amazing prizes will be for bingo winners! These sitsit will have smaller bingos and one big bingo which will rule what will happen at these sitsit. Come and experience the most important bingo of your life and find out how nice lady luck will be for the sitsi participants!

Old people love bingo in any form, so dress up as an older person and head up to Otakaari 20 at 14.10. Doors will open at 18:00 and Sitsit will start at 18:30. Link to Facebook event: https://fb.me/e/5fN7w6qEt Ticket sale in: https://kide.app/events/615c6058-8faf-4419-9716-8f2b9d4a6c95

Bingo sitsit follows Aalto University Student Union’s (AYY) Safer Space Policy. Event aims to be equal and comfortable for everyone. If you see or experience inappropriate conduct, you have the right to intervene in the situation. If you wish, you can also get in touch with AYY’s harassment contact persons hairinta@ayy.fi

What: Bingo Sitsit
When: 14.10 at 18:00
Where: Ok20
Cost: 15 euros
Dresscode: Older
To whom: Who loves sitsit

Foam Party

The legendary Autumn Masquerade of the Guild of Mechanical Engineers is here again! This year the theme has been reformed: FOAM PARTY!

Experience the craziest foam party here in Otaniemi on Friday 28th of October when Smökki is filled with dance, foam and DJ for the whole evening. You can wear either a swimsuit or regular clothes as long as the foam doesn’t bother you. This party won’t be forgotten! Tickets will cost 12 € and are sold via Kide.app on 19.10. at 2 pm.

Polin Appro

The traditional Polin Appro will once again take over Helsinki in the first Teekkari tradition week!

Polin Appro is located around Vanha Poli, the origins of engineering students, limiting the area from Punavuori to Kamppi. After the pub crawl, you can head to Apollo Live Club to the official afterparty where amazing artists entertain the crowd. Polin Appro is for all students and student-minded people!

Ticket sales for the event will open on Kide.app on Tuesday, October 25. at 2pm. In addition, tickets will be sold physically in Otaniemi in the lobby of the Undergraduate center (Otakaari 1) on Wednesday 26. October and Thursday 27. October, both days from 12am to 3pm. When buying a ticket, you choose the appro day and your start time.

The ticket price is 15€ (patch included).

The age limit for the event is K18.

More information on telegram, on https://polinappro.fi and on instagram @polinappro

Song writing evening

Are you interested in creating lyrics for new sitsi songs, but don’t know where to start? Have you ever thought that you could write a song? Have you thought about how new songs appear in your songbooks? 🎶 If you answered yes to any of the questions above, YOU should participate in the song writing event organized by the brand new Song Culture Committee on Tuesday, September 13th, from 5 PM onwards! There you can learn what you should keep in mind and the most common pitfalls in song writing.

WHAT: Song writing evening
WHERE: Otaranta rooftop sauna
WHEN: Tue 18.10. at 5-10 PM
WHY: You can learn new skills and improve Aalto’s song culture ✨

Contact @vittumikko on Telegram if you have questions about the event.

3. AYY associations

Join Teekkarispeksi 2023 musical production!

Do you dream of making theater? Teekkarispeksi 2023 is recruiting! Take the leap to the world of theater and join us in making the next musical theater production!

We are looking for people to work behind the scenes in scenery, props, costumes, makeup, etc. Our production is mainly in Finnish so we can’t offer stage roles in English. Check all the options in the form below.

Apply with this form: https://forms.gle/FDpnaJ8JrGSWu4ho9 . Application is open until 4.11.

Croquet Conclave’s fuksicroquet

Hey you new fuksi or master’s student! Welcome to Croquet Conclave’s fuksicroquet on Monday 17.10. from 17 to 19 o’clock. The games are played in the traditional Alvari square!

Don’t mind if you’re not that accurate, come join us even if it’s your first time playing! You only need to bring about 3 cans of any carbonated beverage. Conclave will bring some drinks, but we can’t guarantee they will be enough for everyone.

If you want to join the Conclave Telegram group, follow t.me/konklaavi .

4. Other

Nominate new honorary members for the Guild of the Round Tower

The Guild of the Round Tower is an honorary and senior organisation operating in the vicinity of Aalto University. Persons who are at the final stage of their studies or who have recently graduated and have shown continuous interest in the culture of engineering students or other same-minded student activities at Aalto University and promoted its development in the Student Union or its associations may be nominated for the position of an honorary member. Nominations can be made until 23:59 on October 19th 2022 at https://lomake.ayy.fi/ptk/ehdota-uusia-arwoisia/.

Nominations can be made by an individual, guild, association or by several people, guilds or associations. More information on PTK is available at: http://ptk.ayy.fi/

5. Finnish Corner

6. A photo of a cute dog

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