DG Weekly News 27/2022

Hello. Exam week is over, hopefully everyone survived. There are once again things happening. Have a nice week!

0. Calendar

  • 25.10.: Polin Appro
  • 27.10.: Aalto Amazing Race + Thoughtworks Excursion
  • 29.10.: Night at the Museum + Gaming Day
  • 30.10.: Indian sitsit
  • 6.-19.11.: Teekkari Tradition Weeks
  • 8.11.: Red Songbook Singthrough
  • 16.11.: Song contest sitsit
  • 27.-29.11.: Otacruise

1. Guild

Thoughtworks Excursion

Sign up for the Thoughtworks excursion closes today at 12PM, and is binding afterwards.

Link: https://forms.gle/UEncm3kuxg73agBg8

Indian Sitsit

The deadline to sign up for Indian Sitsit is the 25th. Link to sign up: link

2. AYY and fun

Gaming day

Is your favorite game Ticket to Ride or maybe chess? Perhaps you want to show your skills in Mario Kart, or has trying out DnD been for long on your bucket list? 

Smökki is filled with games of every kind, when AYY’s Community Section Aava organizes a game day open to everyone on Saturday 29 October from 12 to 8 pm! During the day, you can come and play your own favorites and try out new board and video games. There is also food available for a small fee! If you wish, you can also bring your own games (as well as friends). 

You can come and go freely, but some games require pre-registration due to limited capacity; registration for these will be closer to the event. 

More information on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1820573525008351/  

Grand Reveal and Singthrough of the new Red Songbook

How were those old classic sitsisongs sung? Or which new hits found their way to the Red Songbook?

This all will become clear when people of culture and enjoyers of sitsisongs gather to Servin Mökki on the 8th of November to the Grand Reveal and Singthrough of the new Red Songbook. The event starts with the walkthrough of the process of creating the new edition and followed with the grand reveal of the new book. After the reveal, the new edition of the Red Songbook will be tested by singing together every single song from the book. The doors to the event will be opened at 16:00 and the singthrough will start at around 18:00.

Link to Facebook event: https://fb.me/e/2ckTna5xb

Song Contest sitsit

Otaniemi Song Contest sitsit is here again! In this sitsit you will hear songs that have never been sung before, and get the possibility to be the first to experience the future classics of sitsit songs.

In this sitsit, we will sing through all the songs submitted to the Song Contest. Winners of each series will be announced at the sitsit. Winners will be decided by a group of judges consisting of experts of Otaniemi song culture. 

Doors at Otakaari 20 will open at 18:00 and sitsit begin at 18:30. All participants of the song contest will have a spot reserved. For others, there are a limited number of spots for the fastest. The ticket will cost 17e. Ticket sales start on 25.10 at 15:00 in kide.app. Link to sales

PS. The Song Contest will still be open all the way through 2.11.2022. Rules and how to participate can be found here

The Song Contest sitsit is a fair and equal event for everybody and no harassment of any kind will be tolerated at the event. The event follows the AYY’s principles of a safe space. If you face any kind of unpleasant or harassment at the event you can contact the AYY’s harassment contact person at hairinta@ayy.fi

Teekkari Tradition Weeks

Teekkari Tradition Weeks keep getting closer! The weeks start on 6th of November with Road of Teekkarius and end on 19th of November with the Teekkari Tradition Party. In honor of the anniversary year 4 completely new events are organized during the weeks on top of the traditional ones! More information can be found on our website, Facebook, Telegram info channel and Instagram.

Road of Teekkarius 6.11.
Mega Croquet 7.11. (Tickets https://kide.app/events/837e474c-1fbc-43d0-9206-8422b5692085)
Cradles of Technology 12.-13.11.
Battle of the Guilds 17.11. (Tickets https://kide.app/events/d1b6c454-ac28-4f0e-b486-366f81c7c603)

See you on Teekkari Tradition Weeks!

www.teekkarius150.fi / @teekkarius150

Join Teekkarispeksi 2023 musical production!

Do you dream of making theater? Teekkarispeksi 2023 is recruiting! Take the leap to the world of theater and join us in making the next musical theater production!

We are looking for people to work behind the scenes in scenery, props, costumes, makeup, etc. Our production is mainly in Finnish so we can’t offer stage roles in English. Check all the options in the form below.
Apply with this form: https://forms.gle/FDpnaJ8JrGSWu4ho9 . Applications are open until 4.11.

Aalto Cocktail Workshop: Tiki Paradise

Are you getting tired of your school work piling up and the weather getting colder and colder? Days are getting shorter but Aalto Cocktail wants to give you one more event to hype the flavours of summer on Thursday 27th of October, that is our tropical Tiki Paradise Cocktail Workshop!

Come to learn, and to taste, the best tiki cocktails to bring some sunshine to your autumn in a form of an imaginary cocktail beach party!


WHAT: Cocktail Workshop: Tiki Paradise
WHERE: 100 Monkeys (Jämeräntaival 11 G)
WHEN: 27.10. at 18:00
PRICE: 15€
TICKETS: https://holvi.com/shop/AaltoCocktail/product/01cfee6124d3dd2a629eb9bf3bafd03e/
FB EVENT: https://www.facebook.com/events/1976273925899194/

Boston Xmas Special – the season’s hottest pre-Christmas party!

Tiivistämö, Suvilahti, Fri 16 Dec, 9pm

As Christmas is approaching, it’s time to kick off the holiday season – big time.

Best known for playing shows at high-profile private events and festivals, Boston Promenade – much like Santa Claus – is rarely seen in public. Alongside a few Christmassy special numbers, the 25-person band will make you bust a move with classic Boston repertoire like ’September’ and ’24k Magic’.

Let’s get the holiday mood on together. A warm welcome to the best pre-Christmas party you’ll see in 2022!

Tickets: Normal 24.90€ / special groups 14.90€
Early bird price until Oct 21: 19.90€
Groups: 5 tickets / 100.00 €
Supporter ticket: 50.00€

Doors & bar 20
Boston Promenade 21


3. Aalto, studies and work opportunities

Study advisors’ on call hours will change

From now on it is possible to come to meet us to Undergraduate Centre, room Y227 (Mylly), instead of the guild rooms on Tuesdays at 16.30-17.30 (starting from 1.11.) and on Thursdays (starting from 27.10.) at 14.30-15.30. Telegram (@OpintoneuvojaSCI) and email (advisors-sci@aalto.fi) are still in normal use and you can reach us that way! 😊

Unite! Virtual Fair

Are you interested in growing your international network, studying at other European top universities and getting to know local cultures? Join the Unite! Virtual Fair on 9 November at 17-19 and check the offers created by the nine universities in the Unite! alliance.

What kind of offers can you expect?

  • Joint Master’s degree programs, like Communications and Data Science
  • Project courses, winter and summer schools
  • Virtual courses in architecture engineering and energy
  • Language and culture courses
  • Internships
  • Student engagement activities: Buddy system, student festival

At the virtual student fair, you can botanize in the wide range of international study and collaboration opportunities that are offered through Unite! You will also meet students and staff from the nine universities and the student representatives for Unite!

The fair takes place on Spatial Chat where you move from room to room like at a regular fair. Visit exhibitors and meet fellow students! You can visit the fair at any time between 17 and 19 o’clock.

Read more and sign up by 7 November: https://www.aalto.fi/en/events/spice-up-your-studies-with-international-experience-visit-the-unite-virtual-fair-for

Call for teaching assistants for CS courses in spring 2023

Interested in computer science courses and have a passion for working with peers? Apply for a teaching assistant position in our spring 2023 courses!

Courses participating in this joint call are listed below with descriptions of the tasks. The contact persons are happy to give you more information by email.

You can apply now here. Deadline is 7 November 2022, but applicants may be interviewed and hired already during the application period. Remember that you will also get a compensation depending on the work load you will do.

4. Other

5. Finnish Corner

Kiekko-Espoon opiskelijatapahtuma

Tervetuloa seuraamaan Kiekko-Espoo – Hermes ottelua keskiviikkona 26.10.2022. Ovet aukeavat klo 17:30 ja kiekko putoaa jäähän klo 18.30.

Pistä haalarit päälle ja saavu kavereittesi kanssa Espoon Metro Arenalle. Sisäänkäynti opiskelijoille pääovilta. Sisääntulon yhteydessä jaetaan haalarimerkit. Hallilta löytyy opiskelijatarjouksia janoisille sekä nälkäisille opiskelijoille koko ottelutapahtuman ajan.

Ottelun jälkeen Metro Areenalta pääsee kätevästi metrolla keskustaan Heidi’s Bier Bariin, jossa bileet jatkuvat pitkälle yöhön. Matsissa jaettavilla haalarimerkeillä pääset jatkoille sisään narikan hinnalla sekä saat erikoistarjouksen valitusta juomasta!


Lippu sisältää (5€)
– Ottelulipun matsiin
– Haalarimerkin
– Jatkot narikan hinnalla, näyttämällä Kiekko-Espoon haalarimerkkiä
– Tarjouksia ottelussa sekä jatkoilla

Liput: https://kide.app/events/ff05b3e1-e1e3-4300-907b-791eb3e65481


17.30 Ovet auki
18.30 Ottelu alkaa
Ottelun jälkeen jatkot Heidi’s Bier Bar!


Jatkojen ikäraja K-18. Heidi’s Bier Bar, Yrjönkatu 24, 00100 Helsinki.
Jatkoilla luvassa erikoistarjous, jonka saa näyttämällä Kiekko-Espoon haalarimerkkiä.

6. A photo of a cute dog