DG Weekly News 29/2022

Teekkari Tradition week has started, you can nominate candidates for the SCI awards, and DGCC’s Casino Night is back!

0. Calendar

  • 6.-19.11.: Teekkari Tradition Weeks
  • 8.11.: Red Songbook Singthrough
  • 16.11.: Song contest sitsit
  • 19.11.: DG Casino
  • 27.-29.11.: Otacruise

1. Guild

DG Casino

The time has come to cool your nerves, deploy your best poker face and wish for the best: 🎰🃏DGCC Casino Night🃏🎰 is back!! A night of excitement and sweaty palms! Come test your luck and skill with four fun games we’ve prepared for your entertainment ✨ Small prizes will be awarded to the best players… and the luckiest🏆

The event will be a chill night where you can test your luck or skill at famous casino games🃏 As with any classy casino, the night will have a business casual dresscode! 🎩

A quick disclaimer: our event does not involve gambling as defined in Finland’s law, nor do the event organizers encourage such activity.

The pressure is growing: will you fold?

What: ♥️♠️DG Casino♣️♦️
When: 2022-11-19 at 7PM
Where: JMT5A Living Room
Price: FREE!!!
Sign up: @dataguildeventbot

2. AYY and fun

Teekkari Tradition Week

This year Teekkari Tradition Weeks have these unique events! From them you’ll also get a sticker to your Teekkari Point Card! 🌟

🧱 6.11. Road of Teekkarius starts next to Old Poli from 12 to 12.30 and the tiles are carried to Otaniemi to be part of a community artwork. The day ends at Alvari square in front of Keto at 15.00 when the Teekkari Tradition Weeks are declared to begin!

✨ 7.11. in Mega Croquet you get to play croquet with new twists and those with the best performance get to compete in a finale! Tickets to the games can be found here (https://kide.app/events/837e474c-1fbc-43d0-9206-8422b5692085), but the afterparty is open for all!

💫 12.-13.11 at Cradles of Technology you get to know more about Old Poli on Saturday and Otaniemi on Sunday! At the locations there will be guided tours, where you can sign up for free here

(https://kide.app/events/16649f4e-e84c-4f1c-b009-d3fd6037e049)💎 17.11. at Battle of the Guilds we will find out who is going to be the winner when guilds host different sports at the end of TTW! When the participants are doing their best, at Smökki you can follow their journey and cheer on your favourite team! The tickets can be found here (https://kide.app/events/d1b6c454-ac28-4f0e-b486-366f81c7c603)

Liukuhihna Goes afterSki

AS fuksis are putting in their best effort, as we party the most un-unforgettable event of the year, since on the next morning you won’t remember anything. Get your overalls and your A-team, and slide via grey slope into AfterSki-Smökki. 

There will be AfterSki-themed beverages, which make sure you won’t be freezing (with exception of falling asleep in snow). In addition to normal beverages, we are happy to announce that we happen to have some hot chocolate suitable for ski’ing, and it will be available during the night.

Also, to keep you entertained, the best artist in Otaniemi has promised to show up – the one and only KNV! 

What: Liukuhihna goes Afterski 
Where: Smökki
Why: Because minttu hot chocolate is great 
Price: 10€ 
DC: Overalls + AfterSki

Link is down below


3. Aalto, studies and work opportunities

Nominate candidates for the SCI Awards 2022

It is time to nominate candidates for the SCI Awards, which celebrate the great work and achievements of our faculty, staff and students. The proposal form is open continuously, so you can propose nominees throughout the year, but the cut-off point for the 2022 awards is November 11th.The awards will be announced in a ceremony during Dean’s Christmas party on 13rd December. The nominations are reviewed every November.

SCI Awards will be granted in the following categories this year:

  • Community Award
  • Innovation of the Year
  • Scientific Communication Award
  • Service Person of the Year
  • Teaching Assistant of the Year
  • Teaching Award

More information and form to nominate candidates here.

Campus survey still open

Dear Student,

Share your opinion on the university environment, affect the development of your learning environment and win one week’s lunches at the campus!

By taking the survey, you can contribute to the wellbeing and comfort of all students on the campus. The survey takes around 5-8 minutes to complete.

Among the respondents from the school with the highest response rate, we will raffle five one-week lunch packages (each worth around EUR 60) for the campus. If the response rate to the student survey exceeds 10%, we will also raffle other great prizes.

Link to the survey: https://aufs22.leesmanindex.co.uk/en/c43Q2WuksgnaVsBt

Ps. check the response rate situation between schools at @aaltocre Instagram stories!

4. Other

5. Finnish Corner

Vertaisryhmiä verkossa 18–29-vuotiaille korkeakouluissa opiskeleville miehille

MiehenTila-vertaisryhmät on tarkoitettu korkeakouluissa opiskeleville 18–29 vuotiaille miehille, jotka ovat halukkaita jakamaan kokemuksia jaksamisesta sekä vahvistamaan omaa mielenhyvinvointiaan. Olet tervetullut ryhmään omana itsenäsi elämäntilanteesta riippumatta. Ryhmään osallistuminen ei edellytä diagnoosia, lähetettä, traumaa tai kriisiä – halu keskustella riittää.

Ilmoittaudu marraskuun 9 päivä alkavaan ryhmään tästä: https://bit.ly/3BZ62KT

Uusia ryhmiä tulossa tammikuussa viikolla 3.

Lisätietoja: www.miehentila.fi

Lisätietoa ryhmistä vastaavalta asiantuntijalta Atte Rimppiltä (atte.rimppi@nyyti.fi / 050 476 0627)

Buustia opiskeluun! webinaari

Essee myöhässä, tenttiin luku tökkii, opinnot eivät etene niin kuin haluaisit? Kaipaatko keinoja, joilla saada buustia opiskeluun?

Tule mukaan YTHS:n opiskelukykypäivän webinaariin Buustia opiskeluun! keskiviikkona 16.11.2022 klo 12-15. Kuulet opiskelukykyysi vaikuttavista asioista ja saat käytännön vinkkejä

📚 opiskelutekniikasta

🧘 jaksamista tukevista hengitysharjoituksista

💙 omien voimavarojen tunnistamisesta

Tutustu ohjelmaan ja ilmoittaudu nyt ➡️ yths.fi/buustiaopiskeluun

Tapahtuma on suomenkielinen.

6. A photo of a cute dog