DG Weekly Newsletter 2/2023

Happy Valentine’s ( Friend’s) day everyone! Hope your week is filled with love and joy 💕

Sign up for the annual ball closes tomorrow, do not forget to sign up if you haven’t yet

Exam week is knocking at the door, but don’t worry because Pre- Exam Party is also just around the corner.
Wishing everyone a nice rest of the week,
Selin Taskin
Publicist, Data Guild

0. Calendar

  • 18:02: Guild Meeting
  • 18:02: Pre-Exam Party (Save the Date)
  • 25.02: Annual Ball of Data Guild
  • 26.02: Annual Ball of Data Guild Sillis

1. Guild

Annual Ball of Data Guild

Founded in February of 2019, Data Guild is about to turn four years old. To celebrate this, we invite you to join us at Epoch(4), the fourth annual ball of the association!

The celebration begins on Saturday, 25th of February, at 17:00 in Smökki at Jämeräntaival 4 with cocktails, snacks and gifts. When the clock strikes 18:00, we will transition into the sitsit, held in English, with food and people out of this world, along with live performances. We follow up after the sitsit with a wondrous afterparty – and who knows where the night may lead after that?

After surviving the night, the next day we head towards the Living Room at JMT5 from 12:00 onwards to enjoy the Sillis, a day-after brunch, where you can enjoy good food and drinks, palju, company and entertainment, reviving yourself from a day well-partied.

The annual celebration costs 40€ and the Sillis brunch 5€. There are 75 spots in total. You can also sign up only for the Sillis brunch. Sign-up for invited guests opens on Thursday 2nd of February. at 10:00. Sign-up for members of Data Guild opens on Thursday, 9th February at the same time. All sign-ups close on the 17th of February, and are binding! For any questions, please contact epoch@dataguild.fi.

What? Annual Ball of Data Guild
When? 25.02. 17:00 – ??? , Sillis 26.02.12:00 – 18:00
Where? Smökki, Kylän Olohuone
How much? Annual Ball 40€, Sillis 5€
Dress Code? Semi-formal to White TieSemi-formal to White Tie
Why? For the glory of Data Guild, of course!

Notice of Guild Meeting

Hello members of Data Guild!

All members of the guild are warmly welcomed to the additional guild meeting of Data Guild ry.

Due to unfortunate events, the board of the guild currently lacks a secretary. This meeting has been called in order to elect a new secretary. You can apply to become the secretary by filling out this form, or by electing yourself at the meeting.

As a reminder, according to the guild rules, all members have the right to be present at guild meetings. Only actual members are eligible to vote. Outer members have the right to speak and make proposals.

Participating in the meeting is only possible physically.

When? 18th February at 16.00

Where ? Living room of Teekkari Village, Jämeräntaival 5 A

2. AYY and fun


✨🦋🌞UTOPIAKIIMA ‘23 🌞🦋✨

The darkness of winter recedes and the glistening sun of utopia shines on your face. Architecture Guild’s students are inviting YOU to experience the dawn of an unprecedented new era! ✨ Blurring the boundaries of reality, the most ecstatic event of the year – UTOPIAKIIMA – will take you to another dimension. 🦋

What does your utopia look like? 🧚🏻 Throw on the cloak of your wildest dreams, dress up your deepest dreams and set your sights on vernal Smökki. 🌼 The most magnificent outfits will be rewarded with utopian prizes. 💫 There will be a fantastic programme and mind-blowing performances. The tickets will be sold on 20th February at 12 in Kide.app. For more info, check out the telegram channel


WHEN? 9.3 ✨

WHERE? IN SMÖKKI (Jämeräntaival 4) 🌞


Alliance 3.0 New World Order – Global Politics Simulation Game

It’s the year 2025. Is Sweden still in the process of joining NATO? At Alliance 3.0, you’ll get to model world politics, negotiate, trade, fight, and explore revolutionary new technologies in this future simulating game!

Alliance and Alliance 2.0 have been replaced by the new World Politics System ruleset. The rulebook has been completely rewritten (and majorly shortened), the list of countries has been updated, the map has been redesigned and the team size has been reduced.

In this exciting politics simulation, teams of 1-2 people each navigate their respective countries through diplomatic messes, climate change and security policy crises.

The game language is English but you are free to negotiate with other players in any language. Signup

WHAT? Global Politics Game

WHERE? U358, Undergraduate Center (Kandikeskus), Otaniemi

WHEN? Friday 3.3.2023 at 16-21

WHY? Who wouldn’t want to rule the world for a while? 

WHO? Anyone interested can come, the event is free

3. Aalto, studies and work opportunities

Join the Unite! Student festival in Lisbon – apply by 15 March  

The Unite! Student Festival will be hosted at the University of Lisbon, from June 29 to July 1, 2023  gathering students from all nine partner universities of the Unite! alliance. It will combine fun, interculturalism and co-creation activities. Travel costs, accommodations and activities will be covered. Apply latest 15 March!  

Read more

The AllWell? Questionnaire

Hello, second-year bachelor’s student or first-year master’s student, how are you? Respond to the AllWell? questionnaire on study wellbeing through the link you will receive by email. This is your chance to help your programme and the university develop. Once the questionnaire has closed, you will get personalised wellbeing tips in return for your response.

The questionnaire is anonymous, and all responses are treated with the utmost confidentiality. The questionnaire will be open from 15 February to 1 March 2023. Read more about the questionare from here

4. Other

Accelerate Your Way Into Entrepreneurship

Do you have what it takes to be a founder? A 10-week summer accelerator program that will take your startup to the next level! If you’ve got a business idea you’re passionate about, Ignite is the perfect place to get started. Our 10-week program will help you validate your idea, build a prototype, and more. Plus, you’ll get access to our network of industry experts and investors. Applications are now open – click here to apply!

5. A photo of a cute cat