DG Weekly Newsletter 5/2023

As we head into a new week, I wanted to remind you to take some time to focus on your mental and physical health. In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to get caught up in our responsibilities and forget to take care of ourselves. Make sure to set aside some time each day to do something that brings you joy, whether it’s reading a book, going for a walk, or spending time with loved ones. Take care of your body by eating healthy foods, getting enough sleep, and exercising regularly. Above all, be kind to yourself and those around you. We’re all doing the best we can, and sometimes that means taking things one day at a time.

Wishing you all the best for the week ahead!

Warm regards,

Selin, Data Guild Publicist

0. Calendar

  • 29.03.: Etco Flower Sitsit
  • 07.04: Ylikulku
  • 14.04: Manta Countdown
  • 19.04: Student Mental Health day
  • 22.04: Aalto Open Air

1. Guild

Aether x Data Guild excursion

2. AYY and fun

Aalto Open Air

Aalto Open Air is once again bringing the festival spirit to Alvarin aukio and kick starting the Otaniemi Wappu celebrations on 22nd of April! ✨🎈

This free and open to all carnival-themed event is bound to set the Wappu mood for all festival goers. The festival area is filled with different activities to choose from, and the crowd will also be entertained by amazing performers. 🎪🤹🏼‍♀️

A more detailed schedule and program will be published on the event’s Facebook page!🤩

Manta Countdown

It’s AYY’s turn to crown Manta statue at the upcoming Wappu. Team Manta will host Manta Countdown event at Smökki on Friday, 14 Apr. At the event, you can get into the Wappu spirit with your friends, watch what happens on the stage of Smökki and enjoy music for the rest of the night. The event is free of charge!

Come and pick up your Manta 2023 overall badge!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/156856030554741

What: Manta Countdown

Where: Smökki, Jämeräntaival 4

When: 14 Apr, starts at 6 pm

Why: Because Wappu is approaching!

Education Policy Croquet Tournament

AYY will host an education policy croquet tournament in Otaniemi from 11.30 am to 1.30 pm on Thursday 23 March! Students and parliamentary election candidates will meet in Otaniemi to play croquet and discuss burning issues. The purpose of the event is to offer voters the opportunity to discuss with parliamentary election candidates and to give candidates valuable insight into matters that are important to students and therefore worth promoting. 

So, wear your overalls or jacket and come and talk with candidates in the electrified atmosphere of the election spring!

You are also welcome to attend the event without registration.

Sign up here: https://forms.office.com/e/VFBwEV8nK7

AYY’s elections panel

AYY will host the most student-oriented election panel of the spring 22 March at 4-5.15 pm at Smökki! In the panel, students present questions to candidates on issues related to well-being, subsistence and international affairs. In addition, candidates will solve issues related to students’ daily lives and reveal their best memories of student life. The event offers inspiring political debate and the audience is welcome to participate.

Please note that the language of this panel is Finnish.

Student Mental Health Day

Wednesday 19.4. we are celebrating students’ mental health day and AYY’s community section Aava has traditionally organized an activity related to this theme! This year, Aava and the Sport Committee plan to organize events related to general mental health and well-being at Alvari square and AYY’s central office. There will be alpacas in Alvari Square and free food to the participants . During the day, the participants could visit the organization’s guild room, take part in mental health and well-being-related activities, buy, patches for overalls and get/buy something tasty (pulla for example)!The students’ mental health day activities and check points would be open from around 12-17.

Take it or leave it – a recycling event open to all

Bring your extra textiles, accessories, books and small items for recycling, as well as to find treasures left by others!  

The recycling point is open in the main lobby of the Undergraduate Centre (Otakaari 1) throughout the week 20 to 24 March 2023, according to the building’s opening hours

You can also bring textiles to the removal trolley (worn out, tattered or otherwise going directly into the material recycling, not moldy or wet. Small stains don’t matter). Please pack that kind of textile into a plastic bag.

Used lithium batteries and batteries have their own recycling box.  Do not bring electronics, other electrically powered goods or lead batteries to the recycling point. 


Friday 7.4. Smökki will be on fire, because it is time yet again for YLIKULKU RAVE!

AaltoDJ and Audiopoli are bringing underground vibes overground.

Rave music. Custom built big ass speakers. Bring ear plugs.




WHERE: Smökki, Jämeräntaival 4

WHEN: 7.4.2023, 21.00-2.00 (Doors open at 20.30)

TICKETS: 12€ (incl. overall patch) from Kide.app 20.3. at 17.00



Get your overalls and head to Apollo on Thursday 13th of April and be ready to dive into the tunnels and head to east. We at KY’s Cultural Committee KUVA are excited to present the interdisciplinary pub crawl Hukkaputki, and this time it’s bigger and better than ever! Hop on the metro and enjoy the student-friendly priced drinks in the best pub that the East has to offer and experience the culture 😉

The crawl time is 6 hours and when your done with your underground adventure you can come collect your badge at Apollo and head to the afterparty. The badge distribution starts at 10pm and ends at midnight, so be sure to find your way out of the tunnels by then. First-time attendees can get the legendary Hukkaputki badge with 7 stamps, second-time attendees 8, third-time attendees 10 and four-time attendees 12!

And the night doesn’t end after the crawl 😮 We’ll continue at Apollo Live Club with an afterparty with some amazing performances and a great atmosphere!! After that you can head towards Otaniemi because our Cultural Subcommittee KUJ will be hosting an afterafterparty at KY’s event venue MMK starting at 2am.

The ticket sale will go live on Thursday March 16th on Kide.app. The tickets are divided into 15-minute slots, so be ready to get the best time slot for your pack! You can start the pub crawl within the 15-minute slot you have picked. Please arrive on time to avoid any overcrowding!

WHAT: Hukkaputki 2023

WHEN: Thursday 13th of April from 4pm to 6am (crawl time from 4pm to 11pm)

WHERE: The pub crawl starts and ends at Apollo Live Club (Mannerheimintie 16, 00100 Helsinki)

DRESS CODE: Overalls <3

PRICE: 13,50€ (includes the appro pass, the cloak free of 3,50€, overall badge, the after party and the after after party)

TICKET SALE: Thursday 16th March at 2pm on Kide.app

AFTER PARTY: At Apollo Live Club from 10pm to 4am

AFTER AFTER PARTY: Hosted by KUJ at MMK (Metallimiehenkuja 6, 02150 Espoo) from 2am to 6am

3. Aalto, studies and work opportunities

TA positions now open for autumn 2023 

The application period for autumn 2023 TA positions is now open. The list of CS courses looking for TAs and descriptions of tasks can be found here.

Applications are open until 26.3. through the TA pool

TEK Finnish Language Café

TEK Finnish Language Café every Monday and Wednesday!

the TEK Finnish Language Café to help you practise your Finnish skills outside of your lessons! The café is a low effort opportunity to speak Finnish with other learners, as well as to just have a break from your courses with coffee and snacks. The location is the Otaniemi TEK office, found in the Harold Harlin Learning Centre (via external A door), so can form a convenient part of your day.

The Finnish Café aims to be very casual, with all skill levels of Finnish welcome, especially including those who are native speakers. Whether you are in your first year in Finland or your twentieth, feel free to stop by, chat, and improve your skills!

Every Monday at 16:15

Every Wednesday at 14:15

Join the TEK Finnish Language Café telegram channel

4. Other

Wappu is right around the corner. Would you like to spice it up with an international environment? If so welcome to ETCo’s…

🌹✨ Flower Wappu Sitsit ✨🌷

The event will happen at Smökki on March 29th at 17:30. This is the perfect opportunity to enjoy a cross-association international sitsit where you can warm up your Wappu mood! 

The sitsit will include interactive activities and donkey bridges, a fun spirited association competition and…Other

 👯💫 a special pole dance performance from Otanko 👯💫

Tickets will be sold on Friday 17th at 14:00 in kide 👈 There’s a limited amount so hurry to get yours!


What? ETCo’s international Wappu sitsit 🌹

Where? Smökki

When? March 29th at 17:30

DC? Overalls with a Wappu/Spring twist!

How much? 15e

5. A photo of a cute cat


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