DG Weekly Newsletter 6/2023

🎉📚 It’s that time of the year when the campus buzzes with excitement and caffeine consumption skyrockets – yes, you guessed it, it’s the kick-off of the academic year! To all you fresh-faced fuksis joining the university family, we can’t wait to embark on this epic academic adventure together. Get ready for a year packed with knowledge, laughter, and unforgettable memories! 🚀📖🎓 #chatgpt

0. Calendar

  • 04.09: ETCo Picnic

1. Guild

Healthcare fee for students in higher education

Students attending a traditional university or a university of applied sciences must pay a healthcare fee to Kela. The fee must be paid for each term. Kela does not send a bill for the fee, so students must make sure to pay it on their own initiative. You can pay the healthcare fee via Kela’s e-service OmaKela (available in Finnish and Swedish only). Pay Healthcare fee before 30.09. More information

Venture Client Internship 2024 

Combient Foundry launched in 2018 with KONE and Stora Enso to speed up industrial-grade innovation by working with startups to create real value for all parties. Since then, they’ve expanded our alliance of like-minded global brands to include Atlas Copco, Scania, Husqvarna Group, Autoliv, Munters, SKF and Epiroc. They work with some of the most capable startup founders on industry-pressing, even globally critical challenges, such as reducing waste and energy-consumption, and developing autonomous vehicles, robotics, and logistics solutions to build the next one hundred years of industries. They are now looking for the brightest, entrepreneurial-minded students to join their exciting journey as Venture Client interns. You can get further information and apply from here

Combient Foundry Excursion

The breakfast with Combient Foundry excursion signups are now open! Fill in the form to sign up for the excursion!

2. AYY and fun

ETCo Picnic

🍁Autumn semester’s first ETCo event!🍁

After the orientation week’s mayhem we all need to relax a bit 🫠, and ETCo has a solution for that:

Welcome to ✨ETCo Picnic✨ on September 4th 🤩 at Alvari Square starting at 17! Come and get to know the liveliest and warmest international community in Aalto! 🥰💫

You’ll get to meet fuksis and ISOs from the other English Bachelor’s programs and join a bunch of outdoor games and activities 🎯🎨. And as always free snacks! 🍇🥐🍕🍓

✌️So take your friends with you and join us!

What? ETCo Picnic

When? Monday 4th of September at 17-20

Where? Alvari Square

Why? Fuksis + ETCo community ✨

Fuksi Beer Pong Tournament

Attention all Aalto newcomers! Brace yourselves for the ultimate kick-off event: Fuksi Beer Pong Tournament because this is a tournament fo you! Join us for a night of light-spirited competition, new friendships, and unforgettable moments. Whether you’re a Beer Pong novice or a seasoned pro, this is YOUR time to shine! 

Team up with a friend, and sign up for the tournament from here There are limited spots! You can also find more info about the tournament from the same link.

OBS! This event is only for first-year students!

What: A Beer Pong Tournament for only the first year students of Aalto.

Where: OK20 upstairs (Otakaari 20)

When: 20.9. at 17:00

How much: 6€ per team!

Introductory flights with Polyteknikkojen Ilmailukerho

Have you always wanted to pilot an aircraft, but don’t know how? The students’ flying club PIK organizes glider and motor glider introductory flights this September. Everyone interested in sports aviation is welcome to join. Theory sessions on Thu 14.9. and Thu 21.9. Flights on Sat 16.9. (in English) and Sat 23.9. (in Finnish). Sign up and more information on our website. https://pik.ayy.fi/wordpress/koulutus/purjelennon-esittelylennot/

The 151st Teekkari tradition week and tradition ball, save the date!

Phew, it’s already autumn! If all traditions are correct, it can only mean one thing! The 151st Teekkari tradition ball is celebrated on Sat 18.11 and the Teekkari tradition week takes place 13.-19.11.

EOL (Eteläsuomalaisen osakunnan laulajat)

Choral singing in a student nation (osakunta) choir is a traditional part of Finnish student life. It is a communal hobby where we do and achieve together. In the choir, you have the opportunity to form friendships that last throughout your studies and beyond. Choir is the opposite of remote time. 

What is EOL? 

EOL stands for “Eteläsuomalaisen osakunnan laulajat”, a chamber choir that is now inviting new enthusiastic singers with a choral singing or other musical background who want to sing good music and spend time in great company! EOL currently has around 15 active singers and more than 90 years of history. Both students and alumni who have already finished their studies sing in EOL. We also have exchange students singing with us, however long their studies and stay allows; thus, the rehearsals are also conducted in English. The artistic director of the choir is Eleriin Müüripeal. 

Requirements for the applicant 

EOL performs regularly, and we wish to make music with ambition. Therefore, we hope you will be excited to promote this goal together with others, but keeping in mind the fun of singing together! At EOL, you have the opportunity to develop as a singer in a supportive atmosphere, since in the chamber choir each singer has a great importance for the overall sound. When practicing new material, it is very useful for a choir member to be able to read music fluently. It is not necessary, if the singer otherwise adopts the music effortlessly. New singers are currently accepted in all voice registers. 

EOL is an independent association, and you do not have to be a member of a student nation to become a member. However, the friendship between the choir and the South Finnish Nation (Eteläsuomalainen osakunta) lives on, and we perform every year at ESO’s events. 

EOL’s program 

EOL performs mostly baroque and renaissance music without accompaniment. You can find yourself singing a wide variety of material, from Beethoven to light and joyful renaissance madrigals! Classics from the 15th century to the present have also been sung in recent years, as well as Finnish and other Nordic repertoire from the early 20th century and the 2000s. The choir has also performed in a joint project with other choirs and a symphony orchestra. Every member of the choir has the opportunity to sing in a quartet, a small ensemble or as a soloist, as small ensemble gigs can be ordered from the choir for weddings, company parties and such. 

EOL’s rehearsals and auditions 

We practice on Wednesdays at 18-21 at “Hyvän toivon kappeli” in Jätkäsaari (Länsisatamankatu 26-28). The auditions for fall 2023 will be held during the rehearsals September 6th and 13th. (If these dates are not suitable for you, it is possible to arrange other audition dates.)Everyone is welcome to audition, regardless of register, study subject or student status! So we welcome you to join our nice and musical group: the ordinary “eolist” brings to the choir rehearsals a drinking bottle and wool socks, and of course a folder with paper notes and a pencil for notes, or, in a modernized way, just a tablet.  

How to prepare for the audition? 

You can find our audition requirements and instructions on our website, please familiarize yourself with them in advance: https://kamarikuoroeol.net/english/ 

In addition, please register in advance for the audition to the artistic director (Eleriin Müüripeal) by email: johtaja@kamarikuoroeol.net 

3. Aalto, studies and work opportunities

Aalto Day One Party

The official opening ceremony of the academic year takes place at Otakaari 1 M, lecture hall U2 at 13 o’clock.  After that Aalto Day One continues with Aalto Party at Alvar Aalto’s park. All students, faculty and staff are welcome to join the Party. By joining the Aalto Party, you’ll get to meet the students the faculty in a relaxed atmosphere. 

Where and when:  Alvar Aalto’s park / Tuesday 5 September 2023  / 15.30–19.30 

Find your inner entrepreneur at AVP fall courses

Aalto Ventures Program, or AVP, is the entrepreneurship education program for all Aalto students. For us, entrepreneurship is a mindset and a tool that helps create a sustainable future.

Join our Startup Experience course this fall to learn how to think like an entrepreneur and turn ideas into reality. Or check out our other courses to learn about sustainable businesses, self-leadership and entrepreneurship!

Read more here: https://avp.aalto.fi/avp-courses/ and sign up in Sisu.

IT Traineeship Opportunity at the European Central Bank

Are you a motivated and talented student with a Bachelor’s degree or higher in computer science, computer engineering, business informatics, or any of the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) disciplines? Do you dream of working in a dynamic international environment at a prestigious European Institution?Look no further, as exciting opportunities await you! Join the IT Directorate at the European Central Bank (ECB)! The IT Directorate of the European Central Bank, located in the vibrant city of Frankfurt, Germany, invites you to be a part of our exclusive one-year IT Traineeship Program. Two opportunities are offered in:

  • Infrastructure and Operations Division: Application Deadline 18 September 2023.
  • Digital Security Services: Vacancy will follow in October.

As a trainee, you will have the chance to:

  • Immerse Yourself in Cutting-edge IT: Work on projects at the forefront of technological advancements, contributing to the ECB’s digital transformation.
  • Collaborate Across Borders: Engage with a diverse team of experts from around the world, fostering a rich cultural and professional experience.
  • Shape the Future: Contribute to the design and implementation of solutions that impact financial systems and global economic stability.

Program Highlights:

Duration: Up to one year of immersive learning and skill development
Location: Frankfurt, Germany
Eligibility: EU nationals with a Bachelor’s degree or higher in relevant STEM disciplines
Application Deadline: 18 September 2023.
he ECB offers a flexible and smart working mode, with the possibility to work from the office in Frankfurt, as well from anywhere else (subject to management approval) within the EEA.
Ready to take the next step? Visit https://talent.ecb.europa.eu/careers/JobDetail?jobId=8436 and submit your application now!
If you want to learn more about the program and the diverse opportunities that await you at the ECB, visit www.ecb.europa.eu/careers/what-we-offer/traineeship.
Embark on a transformative journey that combines technical excellence with international exposure. For any queries, don’t hesitate to reach out toRosario.Percannella@ecb.europa.eu

AI Safety Fundamentals program

The AI Safety Fundamentals Program enables students to explore what impact artificial intelligence can have, and what they can do to help steer the development of truly transformative AI in a positive direction.

We are offering two courses:

AI Alignment: Gain a high-level understanding of the AI alignment problem and some of the key research directions which aim to solve it.

AI Governance: Gain foundational knowledge for doing research or policy work on the governance of transformative AI (artificial intelligence that can change the world).

The program lasts for 12 weeks, involving 8 weeks of readings and small group discussions, followed by 4 weeks of project work. Individuals performing well during the course get the chance to join a five-day research retreat at the start of next year, alongside participants from all collaborating groups. All graduates will be able to join the AI Safety North community, and gain access to weekly social events and a global network of professionals dedicated to ensuring that AI changes the world for the better. Read more and apply by 10th of September here. (Not an Aalto Course)

4. Other

Red Cross Helpers’ Club

In the Red Cross Helpers’ Club, you learn life-saving First Aid skills, receive an official first aid certificate, practice Finnish in a fun, relaxed environment, and make new friends! The teaching is in basic Finnish and English. Aimed for people 16-35 years of age. Free of charge!

Silitie, Helsinki: Wednesdays at 18-20, Näätätie 21. A (13.9-13.12)

Myyrmäki, Vantaa: Thursdays at 18-20, Myrmäkitalo (club room). (14.9-14.12)

Kannelmäki, Helsinki: Thursdays at 18-20, Kaustisenpolku 5. (21.9-7.12)

Sign up from here . Further information: tilja.kontio@redcross.fi

Koff Otaniemi Bullseye Masters


Otaniemi Darts contest in Smökki on 5.9.2023 beginning at 16:00! The tournament is meant for everybody, regardless of skill level. Take part in competition, reserve your seat in the audience or book the elusive Koff Experience VIP-package!

This is where Champions are made


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