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The Annual Ball of Data Guild

Founded in February of 2019, Data Guild is about to turn one year old. To celebrate this, we invite you to join us at Epoch(1), the first annual ball of the association.

The celebration begins on Saturday, 22th of February, at 16:30 in the Studio at Jämerantaival 1 downstairs with cocktails, fine snacks and entertainment. From here, we will move to the Takka Cabinet in JMT3A around 18:00, where we will have the most festive sitsit ever arranged in English. The night tops off after the sitsit with a wondrous afterparty at Gorsu in JMT5A – And who knows where the night leads after that?

After surviving the night, on Sunday 23th, you can head to the Living Room at JMT5 from 12:00 onwards to enjoy the Sillis, a day-after brunch, where you can enjoy good food, drinks, company and entertainment, and revive yourself from a day well partied.

The annual celebration costs 35€ and the Sillis brunch 5€. There are 40 spots in total. You can also sign up only for the Sillis brunch. Sign up opens Wed 30.1. at 18:00. Sign up by 7.2..

Annual celebration of Data Guild

22.2.2020 16:30 – Late Night, Sillis brunch the next day 12:00 – 18:00

Otaniemi, starting from Jämeräntaival 1

How much?
Main party 35€, Sillis 5€

For the glory of Data Guild, of course!

Sign up by 7.2. 18:00. Sign-up is binding after it has closed. For any questions, contact data.guild.dg@gmail.com.

When signing up, let us know of your seating preference and any allergies in the comment section!

We hope to see You at this historical party!

Best Regards,

Data Guild Board 2020

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