26/02/2022 - 27/02/2022
5:00 pm - 3:00 am

You are cordially invited to


The Annual Celebration of Data Guild


Data Guild is turning 3 years old – To celebrate this, join us at the Epoch(3), the now mythically traditional annual ball of the association.

The celebration begins on Saturday, 26th of February, at 17:00 at Smökki with cocktails, fine snacks and entertainment. Here, around 18:00, we will have a luxurious sitsit with food and people out of this world. The night tops off after the sitsit with a vibrant afterparty  – And who knows where the night leads after that?

After surviving the night, on Sunday 27th, you can head to the Living Room at JMT5 from 12:00 onwards to enjoy the Sillis, a day-after brunch, where you can enjoy good food, drinks, company and entertainment, and revive yourself from a day well partied.

The annual celebration costs 35€(alcohol free 32€) and the Sillis brunch 5€. You can also sign up only for the Sillis brunch.

Sign up is open!

Annual celebration of Data Guild

26.2.2022 17:00 – Late Night, Sillis brunch the next day 12:00 – 18:00

Otaniemi, Smökki

Smart Casual to Black Tie

How much?
Main party 35€ (alcohol free 32€), Sillis 5€

For the glory of Data Guild, of course!

Sign up by 20.2. 18:00. Sign-up is binding after it has closed. For any questions, contact

We hope to see You at this historical party!

Best Regards,

Epoch committee 2022

IMPORTANT: When signing up, write in the comment section:

  • Dietary restrictions / Allergies
  • Seating preference
  • First year of your studies
  • Are you giving a gift for the Board

Participating (List updated by hand):


  • Daniel Aaltonen
  • Lassi Malvikko
  • Rajat Kaul
  • Vilma Tiainen
  • Rainer Ruuskanen
  • Ilia Zalesskii
  • Anthimos Stathakis
  • Linh Ngo
  • Hanne Sauer
  • Pranava Varshan
  • Daniel Guzman Monet
  • Juuli Väätäinen
  • Visa Pollari
  • Nelly Kytölä
  • Huy Nguyen
  • Julia Jänkävaara
  • Mariina Tikka
  • Aiswarya SUdhir
  • Guting Huang
  • Duong Le
  • Hieu Pham
  • Eero Liimatainen
  • Teemu Vuorela
  • Selin taskin
  • Taige Wang
  • Nina Lindqvist
  • Aaron Wallasvaara
  • Meri Henell
  • Aaron Löfgren
  • Patrick Linnanen
  • Owain Dawson
  • Behram Ulukir
  • Vilma Martti
  • Iida Lehikoinen
  • Darijus Šeporaitis
  • Amir Sultanbekov
  • Phuong Ngo
  • Karoliina Talvikangas
  • Elian Salmimaa
  • Mikolaj Wojnicki
  • Weronika Wojnicka
  • Eero Liimatainen
  • Linh Tran
  • Phuong Anh Tran
  • Nghi Vo
  • Khanh Ha
  • Ilkka Törrönen
  • Veera Vornanen
  • Ville Kujanpää
  • Markus Ihamuotila
  • Risto Halme
  • Milja Rantanen
  • Jasu Vehtari
  • Leo Immonen
  • Emma Astikainen
  • Henri Tunkkari
  • Joonas Sorvari
  • Sara Soimasuo
  • Mark Heidmets



Bookings are closed for this event.