6:00 pm - 11:59 pm

OK 20 Upstairs
Otakaari 20

Do you need a night full of magnificent food 🌱🍧, unending drinks 🥂🍾, thundering songs 🎶🎤 and joyous companionship 👯👯 ? Look no further, here comes the one and only annual Fuksisitsit 🥳

Sitsits are academic dinner parties. They have three courses of food, are interlaced with an array of songs – some essential to the party and some that are just plain fun, and an assortment of alcohol (if you want).

On the 24th of September, gather at OK20 Upstairs to join in the merriment and good times at the Fuksisitsit – just for fuksis and tutors.

The event starts at 18, and ends at around 23. The afterparty will be at the same venue, and the fun won’t stop until 05:00 🍻💃

What? Fuksisitsit!!
When? 18:00, 24th Of September
Where? OK20 Upstairs
Dress Code? Cocktail attire
Why? For fuksi year fun
How much? For you fuksis, 15€

If you have any dietary requirements or allergies, add a note in the comment section.

P.S. If you would like a computer Science Guild songbook, ‘Kovalevy’ or ‘Hard Drive’, DG has a limited amount of stock available for purchase. The price is 5€. Please mention in the comment section of the sign up if you would like one.

You can pay for both the sitsit and songbook with either Mobilepay or bank transfer in advance, or with cash at the event. Refreshments will be available to purchase at the event.


  • Alena Shchevyeva
  • Ilia Zalesskii
  • Christian Guidikov
  • Aiswarya Sudhir
  • Bui An Binh
  • Viltė Neverauskaitė
  • Rainer Ruuskanen
  • Pranava Varshan
  • Phạm Quang Bách
  • Joonatan Partanen
  • Ann-Marie Korhonen-Chamorro
  • Fathima Afrooz
  • Marius Sclearuc
  • Krzysztof Modrzyński
  • Chu Manh Duc
  • Hanne Sauer
  • Yelyzaveta
  • Henri Brax
  • Rasmus Sjöholm
  • Marichka Horodyska
  • Pietro De Luca
  • Anthimos Stathakis
  • Roope Kettunen
  • Irmuun
  • Toivo Palmén
  • Rajat Kaul
  • Minh Ha Le
  • Dinh Anh Tuan
  • Otto Vintola
  • Aaron Wallasvaara
  • Satu Koitto
  • Behram Ulukir
  • Tuan Tran
  • Tony Heinola
  • Truong Minh Triet
  • Miro Keimiöniemi
  • Hansen Feng
  • Ojaswi Tyagi
  • Rasmus Innanen
  • Nguyen Thu Trang



Bookings are closed for this event.