6:00 pm

📜 Brace yourselves for the legendary Lasagne Sitsit! 🍝✨

As the school year ends and summer shines upon us, it’s time to indulge in the time-honored tradition of delicious lasagne sitsit 🍝 . Join us as we celebrate the end of the semester and the beginning of a well-deserved three-month vacation (?) !

Get ready to savor mouthwatering lasagna creations, prepared with love and expertise. Each bite will transport you to foodie heaven! 🥣🤤Quench your thirst with a wide selection of refreshing drinks that will lift your spirits and add to the festive atmosphere. It’s time to raise your glass and toast to the good times ahead! 🍹🥂


What: Lasagne Sitsit

Where: OK20 Big Side

When: 10.06, doors open at 18:00, gong 18:30

How much: 17€

Dress Code: Summer Vibes


Miro Keimiöniemi
Naomi Kaura
Krishna Sudhir
Vilma Tiainen
Rasmus Mäkinen
Tony "Voi Vittu" Heinola
Lassi Oinas
Aaro Sulonen
Toivo Palmén
Sandro Karhula
Huy Nguyen
Nina Lindqvist
Daniel Clegg
Phạm Quang Bách
Leonie Handel
Darijus Seporaitis
Krzysztof Modrzyński
Marichka <3
Emma Bourgogne
Anthimos Stathakis
Ella Piiroinen
Kathleen Lindgren
Ilmari Tarpila
Meri Henell
Mael Chauvet