3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

There’s electricity in the air…do you feel it? The power of the Guild, surging, just waiting for you to grab hold of it?

Do You want to experience the swirling depths of event production? Learn the inner workings of the AYY Association system? Fight for your and your fellow students’ rights in the university and AYY? Or maybe you have grandeur ideas of your own that you’d like to make real? Whether You’re a Teekkari or a Fuksi, look no further, join in, and hear more about all the possibilities and responsibilities Data Guild has to offer for you!

During the Power Grab, the current board of the guild presents all the roles and responsibilities available, and each of the board members tells of their experiences of their past year. We’ll also discuss the future of the guild, including the changes the Special Status granted by AYY brings, and any other questions and matters the participants want to bring to the table.

The event will be organized fully remotely through Zoom – link will be posted [here] and publicized on the guild’s info channel closer to the event. Physical attendance is unfortunately canceled.

Don’t stand idle – grab hold of the power!


  • Ilmari Tarpila
  • Emmi Kotilainen
  • Alena Shchevyeva
  • Hanne Sauer
  • Lassi Malvikko
  • Rajat Kaul
  • Guting Huang
  • Trang Nguyen
  • Bruce Nguyen, The Sixth of His Name, The Resurrected, Rightful King of the Andals, Rhoynar, and the First Men, Protector of the Realm, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, 998th Lord Commander of the Nights Watch, The King in the North, Savior of the Freefolk, Bane of the Undead, The White Wolf, The Prince that was Promised



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