5:30 pm - 11:00 pm

Tekniikan Salit
Eerikinkatu 2


The event is unfortunately canceled due to the worsened corona situation, and the recommendation of limiting events to a maximum of 10 people.


With great power, comes great responsibility – and great responsibility brings the best benefits!

Join the Power Sitsit, organized alongside with the Power Grab, to meet and mingle others interested in the future possibilities of Data Guild! The sitsit will continue the theme of presenting the roles and responsibilities of the board members, only in a less serious atmosphere. Join in and enjoy the atmosphere of power and progress!

The Power Grab before the sitsit has a separate sign-up – consider participating if a formal settings interests you as well:

The sitsit costs 15€(alcohol free 13€). There are 20 spots in total. Sign up by 19.11. 23:00. Sign-up is binding after it has closed. For any questions, contact or any board member in Telegram.

The event will be organized following safety guidelines as much as they can be, event size limit being one of them. Please wear a mask when arriving to the venue. Naturally, stay home if you have any symptoms or if you think you have been exposed to the virus.

Power Sitsit

21.11.2020, Cocktail Party 17:00, Sitsit 17:30->

Tekniikan Salit, Eerikinkatu 2, Helsinki

Smart Casual

How much?
15€ (alcohol free 13€)

Feel the power!


When signing up, let us know of any allergies in the comment section. Mark in the comments also if you’d like your ticket alcohol-free, in which case your cost of the ticket will be 13€.


  • Alena Shchevyeva
  • Emmi Kotilainen
  • Hanne Sauer
  • Lassi Malvikko
  • Ilmari Tarpila
  • Rainer Ruuskanen



Bookings are closed for this event.