6:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Otaranta Club Room
Otaranta 8 B

To all Fuksis and Tutors,

Data Guild will have a spin on the mandatory Singing Test and organise it as a mini sitsit this year 🔥 The singing test is a point on your Fuksi card and is mandatory to get the Teekkari cap 😇

The event will involve the fuksis and tutors divided in groups to sing the beloved “Teekkarihymni” amongst other songs. Don’t worry as you won’t be singing alone.

We will have food 🥗 and an amazing spin the wheel karaoke session after the sitsit 🎶. The night might lead to a afterparty as well 🌚

The appointed Harassment Contact People for the Singing test are Christian Guidikov (@ChristianGuidikov) and Aaron Wallasvaara (@wallasvaaron). Contact them in case you need the support of an HCP at the event! Alternatively, you may contact Data Guild’s HCPs anonymously through this form.

Note: The event is only for Fuksis and Tutors ’22.

What: Singing test
Why: Duh what question is that 😒
When: 18.3.2023 18:00
Where: Otaranta club room

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Merlin Sauer
Mimh Ha Le
Pranava Varshan
Miro Keimiöniemi
Ilia Zalesskii
Toivo palmen
Ojaswi Tyagi
Duc Chu
Phạm Quang Bách
Tony Heinola
Anthimos Stathakis
Aaron Wallasvaara
Christian Guidikov
Ann-Marie Korhonen-Chamorro