The DG guild room is located in the H wing of the Undergraduate Center. The guild room is a shared space for all guild members meant for studying, working or hanging out. In the guild room, there is a sofa, chairs, tables, a microwave and even free coffee for all members to enjoy.

You can find the guild room by entering the building from the small courtyard to the right of the main entrance. After stepping inside, go to the left and find room H021 where the guild room is.

Please note, that the guild room is only accessable by keys owned by the board members. The board is currently looking for options to have the guild room open to every guild member. If you would like to enter the guild room, you can ask for it in the guild Telegram chat or contact any of the board members.

If you have any questions or wishes for the guild room, don’t hesitate to contact our Guild Room Manager: