New students

Dear Fuksi (first year student),

Here you can find this year’s fuksi guide. It contains information on student life, your studies, the guild and other things that are good to know to get started.

Below you find some basic information and the timetable for orientation week.

Fuksi Captain, tutors and FTMK

I’m Hanne, this year’s Fuksi Captain. My task is to support you fuksis throughout your first year, organize events for you, and basically anything fuksi related in the guild. You can reach me at or on Telegram @datadaddy for any questions or other issues.

In Data Guild, fuksis are taken care of by the Fuksi Captain together with the Tutor Coordinator and the tutors. The tutors will accompany you during orientation week and will be there to help for your whole fuksi year. On a larger scale, the Fuksi Committee (or FTMK – Fuksitoimikunta), which is a committee of all the fuksi captains, organizes events for the fuksis of all guilds.


The main channel of communication within the guild, and largely within Aalto in general, is Telegram, so I strongly recommend downloading it now if you’re not already using it. After enrolling, you should get / have gotten a newsletter with a link to our Fuksi group, shoot me a message if you haven’t. The general group of Data Guild is available under and our info channel under You can find more groups that might be interesting for you in the fuksi guide.

Upcoming events for fuksis

Last updated 7.5.2022


The list above may not necessarily always be up to date or include all relevant events. It also includes Data Guild events that are not specifically for fuksis but for all guild members, those are in cursive. If you notice that something’s missing that you think should be there, feel free to shoot a message to @datadaddy and I’ll add it.