Newsletter 3/2022

There’s not a lot to report this week.

1. Guild

Call to join Epoch Committee

Epoch committee is looking for new members! Epoch is the annual celebration of the Guild. Data Guild is turning three years this year and that is something that must be celebrated appropriately. Join the committee to plan the celebration of your dreams!

Epoch will be held on Saturday the 26th of February followed by Sillis on Sunday the 27th.

For more info and to join, contact @Emmmss

2. AYY and Aalto

Gravitaatio is back!

Get ready to experience the pull of Gravitaatio as we stumble down the rabbit hole from Laskiaisrieha all the way to Apollo!

After sledding and crawling, we get to fight the influence of gravity while jumping and dancing to the beat of some of the best artists in Finland!

Gravitaatio is held on Shrove Tuesday (March 1st) as an after party for Laskiaisrieha & Laskiaisappro. More information coming soon on the website and the Teekkari Section (Teekkarijaosto) Instagram and Facebook!

3. Other

MIMIR Fellows course application is open

Are you dreaming of building a better future? That will most likely require science and research, whether it’s a climate tech startup or a new take on democracy. 

12 students. 6 months. MIMIR Fellows is a 10 ECTS program designed to fuel your passion and personal growth – bringing research to society. 40 guest lecturers, a paid internship and a study trip to Singapore. 

Apply now:

Contact, visit and for more information.