Newsletter 8/2022

Not a lot is happening.

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  • 28.-30.3.: Magic of Technology

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Magic of Technology

“Tekniikan taikaa” or Magic of Technology is a 150th Anniversary event that showcases contemporary tech student culture, our history, our studies, and cutting edge research in the field. Come explore the triumphs and impact of technology from the past to the present and all the way into our vision for its future! More info:

Welcome to Aalto EA Forecasting Tournament!

Prediction is a science and an art – if you know how to do it. Join us to find out what it takes to be the ultimate superforecaster in the Forecasting Tournament hosted by Aalto Effective Altruism!

On 20th of March, we will gather in the Design Factory to make predictions about a certain event to be announced at the start of the tournament. The point of the competition is to increase the accuracy of our judgements and have fun.

Sign up here by 17/03 to grab your chance to look into the crystal ball!

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