Student advocacy

University-level student advocacy

Where are decisions made?

Decisions regarding Data Science students are made at the School of Science mainly in two decision making bodies: The Aalto Science and Technology Bachelor Programme Committee and the Academic Committee of Science. The Academic Committee of Science is the highest decision making body in the School of Science and most decisions made by other bodies are verified there. In addition to these two, Data Science student related topics are also discussed in the SCI Education Management Team.

Student advocacy is mainly done by the student representatives or hallopeds appointed by AYY. New hallopeds are chosen every autumn, and no previous experience or many years of studies is required. If academic affairs seem to be your thing, don’t hesitate to apply as a halloped already next autumn!

For more information about hallopeds, make sure to visit AYY’s website.

What are student representatives?

Hallopeds, student representatives in administration, are representatives elected for administrative organs from among the members by the Student Union Representative Council or the Board. In their position, they represent themselves and the whole student community. Student representatives are full members of administration. All students can apply for the position of a halloped through the open call for applications.

Hallopeds and the Student Union Board together aim at preserving and improving students’ services and equity in the community. All students are encouraged to provide them with feedback to guide their influencing work.

AYY Representative Council

The Representative Council exercises the highest authority at the Student Union. The Council is elected for a two-year term, and all AYY members are eligible to vote and stand as candidate in the elections held every other year. The Council consists of 45 representatives, who must all be members of AYY. Among other things, the Council decides upon AYY’s budget, financial statement, loans, construction decisions and rules. It also appoints the Student Union Board, the Chairs of the Board and the highest officials.

For more information about the Representative Council, make sure to visit AYY’s website.