Captain’s Irregularly Appearing Mail 3


As Wappu is drawing closer, lots of things are happening. Hope you’re all doing well, and I’ll see many of you at the upcoming events!

Most important this time:
– Come to the Spring info session next Thursday at 16:00
– Save the following dates: 27.3., 4.4., 5.4., 20.4. and 29.4.
– Sign up for a museum tour!!

Upcoming events

Museum visits

Museum visits are here! They will be arranged online during February and March. You can book a time from the link below. More times will become available later. For now the museum tours are organized remotely, in March there may also be tours in person. Please note that about 1000 fuksis are attending, so choose a time that you can surely attend! Changing the time you’ve already booked will be a lot of work. Museum visit is a compulsory fuksi point that you have to complete to get your teekkari cap on the possible wappu!

You can book a museum tour here.

The museum tour is the one point you absolutely need to have to get the cap!!

Laskiaisrieha 1.3.

The craziest downhill race is here again!

On Shrove Tuesday (1.3.) it’s time to find you something that passes for a sled and head on over to Kaivopuisto park, Helsinki! Students from all over are showing up for an action-packed afternoon outdoors – so why not you as well?

The most daring and ambitious ones take part in the legendary Academic Downhill Race, where teams pilot their home-made sleds in the hope of winning the grand prize! Sleds and teams are judged not only on their run’s distance, but creativity and showmanship as well. 

After the amazing afternoon sledding the action continues with the Laskiaisappro Pub Crawl where you can slalom through downtown Helsinki touring bars all the way to the official afterparty Gravitaatio!

WHAT: Laskiaisrieha 2022
WHERE: Kaivopuisto park, Helsinki
WHEN: Shrove Tuesday 1.3.

Coming to Laskiaisrieha – also just to watch and enjoy the atmosphere – will earn you a fuksi point!

Spring info session – 3.3. at 16:00

At this lecture you’ll get some important information for the rest of Spring! Don’t miss it! (Slides will be available afterwards, though) You can join both in person and online.

English bachelor’s sitsit – 5.3.

These are the sitsit we’ve all been waiting for! Come and enjoy the sitsit together with other fuksis and meet new people from other guilds. The dinner party will be held in Otakaari 20. The evening will begin with a cocktail party at 18.30 and the sitsit itself will start at 19. The sign-up to the event will open on Tuesday the 15th of February and there are places for 60 fuksis and 10 tutors! Dresscode is cocktail, so get your dresses out of the wardrobe and iron up your shirts!

The payments are made at the door, before the start of the sitsit. Please reserve cash or Mobilepay payment.

Sign-up closes on 28.2. – all spots are already filled but you can still sign up for the waitlist and hope a space frees up.
What? Fancy sitsit for English Bachelors’ fuksis
When? 5.3.2022 sitsit at 18:30-23 (afterparty 23-02)
Where? Otakaari 20 upstairs
How much? 15€
Why? Party with your fellow English speaking fuksis!

Participating will earn you a fuksi point!

Singing sauna – 19.3.

Come to Ossinsauna on the 19th of March to sing, go to sauna and chill. This is a great opportunity to complete your singing test!

The singing test is a mandatory fuksi point!

Patch sewing night – 2.4.

Come to Ossinkulma to sew on some patches together and hang out.

!!Save the dates!! – 27.3., 4.4., 5.4., 20.4. and 29.4.

More information to follow but keep these dates free! Most importantly 27.3., 4.4. and 20.4.

Chance to earn fuksi points!

Other matters

Captain’s quarters

The Captain’s quarters are now over – it was great to chat with you all! If you haven’t completed yours yet, no problem, just shoot me a message! And whether you’re planning to get the cap or not, I’d love to hear from all of you how you’re doing and what we can do better!

The Captain’s quarter is a mandatory fuksi point!

Useful links and Telegram Groups

There are plenty of Telegram groups you could and/or should join! Here you can find a few of them, as well as some other good resources.

Irregularly updated list of upcoming fuksi events:

#Otaniemi – a chat of over 2000 students:
AYY Advocacy:
Aalto International:
All Otaniemi Student restaurants and their menus:
An actually uself Aalto Map:!/
Aalto Printing Points:
Giving Free Stuff in Otaniemi (Telegram):
IPTV for people living in AYY housing:
Teekkari Village Buy & Sell:

Data Guild:
DG Info Channel:
AthleTiKs / TiK Sports Club:
TiK Game Committee Board Games:
TiK Game Committee Tabletop RPGs:
TiK Grandma Club:

List of AYY Associations:

Data Guild’s Study Coordinator: @x_Pvs_x

XBurger, or Etno, is the best and only local grill in Otaniemi, serving food late into the night during weekends but also for lunch. Go check it out!
Location of XBurger:
XBurger menu (in Finnish, still worth somehow):

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